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  wangqi e87622e587 Drop py34 target in tox.ini and Python 3.5 is added 8 months ago
  Steve Noyes c6850cf972 Add import inventory command & api 10 months ago
  Borne Mace e6459aa8f2 Add support for config reset command. 11 months ago
  Mark Giles 1862b08ccc Create 'certificate init' command. 1 year ago
  Borne Mace 78a1fcedf0 Updating the cli to work against kolla-ansible 1 year ago
  Borne Mace 7da19271e7 Updated version to 4.0.1 1 year ago
  Borne Mace 2e70c5c59f Added support for pull command 1 year ago
  Borne Mace 2ee8db4613 Add reconfigure CLI command 2 years ago
  Borne Mace 5281bdc67e Updated version from 3.0.1 to 4.0.0 2 years ago
  Borne Mace e4f52da6c9 Revert "Added support for a new reconfigure command" 2 years ago
  Borne Mace 3c4828e108 Added support for a new reconfigure command 2 years ago
  Borne Mace bc42e6b13e WIP: Added initial support for stop containers 2 years ago
  Steve Noyes 0a98fdb5f7 add new cli/api command to init passwords 2 years ago
  Steve Noyes 3f029a7bd4 add ability to cli/api to add/clear ssh keys in password file 2 years ago
  Steve Noyes ad7536d6b5 add version to api, misc fixes 2 years ago
  Steve Noyes 0b69fa5eba update kollacli with latest kottos changes 3 years ago
  Steve Noyes 53dfd1623c fix for fragmentation bug in callback plugin msg processing 3 years ago
  Steve Noyes b91ac84e60 update cli rpm spec to require ansible plugin 3 years ago
  Borne Mace 5a1596f051 Added initial sphinx documentation support for the python api 3 years ago
  Borne Mace af385dd6a7 new ansible playbook + api code WIP 3 years ago
  Borne Mace 497988eb81 Added support to execute upgrade from cli. 3 years ago
  Borne Mace 04e47b66d6 Added support to execute upgrade from cli. 3 years ago
  Steve Noyes dae53cabc8 restructuring of directories to separate cli from common code 3 years ago
  Steve Noyes 64dfd34c38 reverting config changes (for kollacli v2.1 stream) 3 years ago
  Steve Noyes 6f2bef054e add initial oslo config framework 3 years ago
  Borne Mace 50d8c77aaf removed list command which was not being used / implemented. 3 years ago
  Steve Noyes 599d2783b6 update to sub-services model 3 years ago
  Borne Mace b8ecb5bdfc moved kollacli stop to kollacli host destroy 3 years ago
  Borne Mace 01091beddf added support for the stop command. 3 years ago
  Steve Noyes 50ee966fc6 update model to better match kolla's inventory model 3 years ago
  Steve Noyes 3da95342ab add set/clear/list passwords cli commands 3 years ago
  Borne Mace 8ae2a2674a renamed host install to host setup 3 years ago
  Borne Mace a3fb683f18 removed unneeded service commands. removed reference to removed defaults.yml config file. lowered pbr version requirement. 3 years ago
  Steve Noyes d86d4f7275 Summary: setdeploy, inventory changes, model changes 3 years ago
  Steve Noyes 398f4a61d5 Summary: add more group commands 3 years ago
  Steve Noyes 755cf0f96c Summary: add 4 new cli group commands 3 years ago
  Borne Mace 81372c375a Added support for property set / clear 3 years ago
  Borne Mace 12732b9c89 renamed all kollaclient references to kollacli other than the git repo path 3 years ago
  Steve Noyes 9564778ef9 Summary: variety of changes: cli cmd name, host uninstall, exceptions 3 years ago
  Steve Noyes 97a4256de9 Summary: Host set/clear zone functions 3 years ago
  Borne Mace 3ff5cc7222 removed etc/hosts.yml which shouldn't be checked in. added support for some more commands. got much of the ssh keygen behavior implemented. zone add / remote / list works now. 3 years ago
  Borne Mace 727c83a5b1 Added support for reading in / writing out host data to the etc/hosts.yml file. Added support for calling Kolla ansible start logic. Made host add / remove / list methods functional. 3 years ago
  Borne Mace 6e8a302748 Stubbed out the rest of the commands in the spec. This list may change between now and the final product. Added information to the README.rst to help with setup / build of the kollaclient command. 3 years ago
  Borne Mace 86b7524678 Initial commit 3 years ago