24 Commits (master)

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  zhulingjie c6ada2430d fix tox python3 overrides 10 months ago
  Charles Short 5e3a06d887 Switch to using stestr 10 months ago
  Eduardo Gonzalez 52122a6cdf Gate python3 unittests 10 months ago
  Steve Noyes 8e960e4a2b Add unit tests for host commands 10 months ago
  Borne Mace e6459aa8f2 Add support for config reset command. 11 months ago
  Steve Noyes bca9db24ba Enable py35 functional tests 11 months ago
  Steve Noyes 7c0bc714f1 Fix mypy static type checker 11 months ago
  Steve Noyes 8b2f52e2c6 Align tests with how functional tests are handled 11 months ago
  Zuul 010b8929cf Updates to fix py27 / tox tests 1 year ago
  Borne Mace 78a1fcedf0 Updating the cli to work against kolla-ansible 1 year ago
  Borne Mace c8a5730220 Updated unit tests to avoid remote calls 1 year ago
  Borne Mace 69700b6020 Updating the python api syntax 2 years ago
  Borne Mace 694b2db531 Added initial mypy / pep-484 type hinting support. 2 years ago
  Steve Noyes 0b69fa5eba update kollacli with latest kottos changes 2 years ago
  Steve Noyes d0ad451224 removal of blaze code from cli (for v4) 3 years ago
  Borne Mace 5a1596f051 Added initial sphinx documentation support for the python api 3 years ago
  Steve Noyes dfee41685c update tox.ini to ignore apache license in callback 3 years ago
  Steve Noyes 64dfd34c38 reverting config changes (for kollacli v2.1 stream) 3 years ago
  Steve Noyes 6f2bef054e add initial oslo config framework 3 years ago
  Steve Noyes 80ff79a882 py3 (6) - update unit tests to py3 compatibility 3 years ago
  Borne Mace ee57dcae8a added support for doing bandit checks. 3 years ago
  Steve Noyes 538cfddf60 py3 (1) - update utils to py3 compatibilty 3 years ago
  Borne Mace 5d41194910 added pyc cleanup to tox test section 3 years ago
  Steve Noyes ce783774d6 update tox.ini to run utests 3 years ago
  Borne Mace 86b7524678 Initial commit 3 years ago