RETIRED, Kubernetes deployment of the Kolla containers
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Kolla Overview

The Kolla project is a member of the OpenStack Big Tent Governance.

Kolla's mission statement is:

To provide production-ready containers and deployment tools for operating
OpenStack clouds.


The kolla-kubernetes deliverable deploys OpenStack on top of Kubernetes. This work is experimental at this time. A 1.0.0 version or later signals this work is ready for evaluation.

The kolla-kubernetes Repository

The kolla-kubernetes repository is one of three deliverables of the OpenStack Kolla project. The three deliverables that make up the Kolla project are:

Deliverable Repository


The kolla delivera

ble maintains container images and container build tools.

The kolla-ansible deliverable maintains an Ansible deployment for Kolla

containers on bare


THe kolla-kubernet es deliverable maintains a cloud-native implementation

of deployment of O

Getting Involved

penStack on Kubernetes.

Need a feature? Fi nd a bug? Let us know! Contributions are much
appreciated and sh ould follow the standard `Gerrit

workflow <http://d>`__.

- We communicate using the #openstack-kolla irc channel.
- File bugs, blue prints, track releases, etc on

`Launchpad <htt

  • Attend weekly


`meetings <http

  • Contribute `cod

e <>`__.

General Informatio n


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