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Piotr Parczewski 6789bf8d58 Update Stackalytics links
Change-Id: Ic7871c79d0916b99f3fd2243a0fa4f9d84aca37e
3 months ago
wu.chunyang 8b987d289d [Doc] Add venus project in README.rst
trivial fix

Change-Id: Id0c31ba9f43af71afd26884ace3b0b26c0dbbe4c
3 months ago
yangshaoxue 9d4736820f skyline: Add new dashboard
Skyline is a new dashboard for openstack. It contains
skyline-apiserver and skyline-console.
We will build both skyline-apiserver and skyline-console
images for skyline.

Implements: blueprint skyline
Change-Id: I68a562f15bf4fdda82b86c446e14fc8b5594413a
4 months ago
Radosław Piliszek 0dddb293a8 [docs] Fix OVS link
Change-Id: I5f43df34c1854e1632525730742439a17efb6a4e
9 months ago
Radosław Piliszek 90a54acabd Honour the linuxbridge experimental status
This patch follows upstream and disables linuxbridge testing.

Kolla part.

Change-Id: I9f77e782df9e4ddcdd4be536b4cce668b728824e
10 months ago
Radosław Piliszek 36a1286bba Drop vmtp
Details in the attached reno.

Change-Id: I1a8363da02d98255fce31749f4c9838088443a67
1 year ago
Michal Nasiadka 4519ebdcf6 docs: weekly meetings page
Change-Id: I2796a9378ef99f0145fe95c4ecff9fd0b5a42894
2 years ago
Zuul 8ca0af63d4 Merge "Remove chrony image from kolla" 2 years ago
wu.chunyang e7ecb75ec4 Remove chrony image from kolla
chrony is not supported in 'x' cycle, remove it from kolla

Change-Id: I4d754e17280cc7e6ee95c46ffec3b86c2336fe48
2 years ago
wu.chunyang 5c369c7fab Remove tempest image
Remove tempest project as planned

Change-Id: I016f7bb17b91769ced21c90d73f693c54a71aef9
2 years ago
wu.chunyang e6cea7b93d Remove rally
Remove rally project as planned

Change-Id: I3560c3a2bee4e391cac841b9bcd8b8d2199f920d
2 years ago
Matthias Runge e9ec89821e Remove panko
Panko has been deprecated and removed from OpenStack. Only
stable branches are maintained.

Change-Id: Ie35f92737ef36531d7bdc6b9245d529be8096c9c
2 years ago
Radosław Piliszek e01a490c97 Deprecate tempest and rally
Per [1].


Change-Id: I4cd3d7f67068157b0de2c0a61dff622a1968b71d
2 years ago
Radosław Piliszek 203f539376 Deprecate chrony
Per [1].


Change-Id: Ia3660574b4c6ba61e735d62c52a8d345de131a1f
2 years ago
Radosław Piliszek efc5cdaec9 Update projects in README.rst
Per deprecations.

Change-Id: I820541de3e60786f005f16edc4357c6d611f79e4
2 years ago
Kendall Nelson d4a68553b2 Remove Retired Karbor Support
As announced on the openstack-discuss ML[1], Karbor is retiring
this cycle (Wallaby).



Change-Id: I0b8b1782874282636552f3ffe924a8d512d48959
2 years ago
Ghanshyam Mann 60a9b77a47 Remove retired Searchlight support and images
Searchlight project is retiring in Wallaby cycle[1].
This commit removes the images and support of Searchlight
project before its code is removed.



Change-Id: Ibcae8d0af13fd1d242912b8703c1d1253e2a1326
3 years ago
Ghanshyam Mann d66ff8d3a3 Remove retired Qinling support and images
Qinling project is retiring in Wallaby cycle[1].
This commit removes the usages of Qinling project
before its code is removed.



Change-Id: I5bb79f08b76830981be95df19f3a33f5fda6893d
3 years ago
zhoulinhui d033d91f94 Remove kolla-cli stuff from kolla
The kolla-cli is deprecation [1], it should be clean up from


Change-Id: I87cdef55960658e163aedcd9752562aa7784dd8f
3 years ago
wu.chunyang e43ec971bc [doc]remove sensu from README
sensu has removed now, remove it from README

Change-Id: I149cfa8a9e778d2456aa6d23966b0d663910a5b9
3 years ago
gugug e364113adc Remove mongodb dockerfile from kolla
more info: a6c97d7284

Change-Id: I9e8a973e10389d42d6fedffb98bd23f1a8271087
Co-Authored-By: jacky06 <>
3 years ago
gugug e332891a8a Remove the congress images since it has been retired
more info:

Depends-On: I12d74b53b64268d0358220af35f7fd719d82b397
Depends-On: I21c9ab9820f78cf76adf11c5f0591c60f76372a8
Change-Id: I7bd03b4f70ddfb15c96ed68e659cb6dccb0c36a3
Co-Authored-By: jacky06 <>
3 years ago
Christian Berendt efa445ab35 README: mark kolla-cli as deprecated & add kayobe
Change-Id: Ia72e44dc0e8bb206e3375ea0020c894398c72952
3 years ago
Michal Nasiadka abce4d5398 Remove kolla Ceph container images
This change removes ceph* Dockerfiles and relevant kolla python
code bits.

Kolla-Ansible part has been removed, and K-A was the only consumer.

Change-Id: I9568261fdbbe4b9156d0e07c414ec911ca2e8557
3 years ago
Q.hongtao 1dd003a24b Start README.rst with a better title
Now that we are using gitea the contents of our README.rst are
more prominently displayed. Starting it with a "Team and repository
tags" title is a bit confusing. This change makes it start with the
name of the project instead.

Change-Id: Ic1ec732d9e1671cc336cd003610a7eab2fcbe8e6
4 years ago
Q.hongtao bcf57a1887 Update invalid link for README
Change-Id: Ia66591f28fc4af869ca4ec0e7113883356f3b1dd
4 years ago
Marcin Juszkiewicz 016c0f577c Drop Percona XtraBackup in favour of MariaDB Backup
XtraBackup started failing to install on Ubuntu and does not support
MariaDB 10.3 version.

Related-Bug: #1843043

Change-Id: I9cf62c8e03a02574d85e5349df1d23a51d4c99be
4 years ago
Zuul f95a009d2b Merge "Add HAcluster containers" 4 years ago
Gaëtan Trellu 046158b149 Add HAcluster containers
Theses images contains High Availability solution such as
Corosync, Pacemaker, Pacemaker Remote and PCS.

Change-Id: I86fd145d2998f68b08a16082414b86904971549a
Implements: blueprint pacemaker-container
4 years ago
Kien Nguyen ce74eb0d7b Add Masakari containers
Masakari provides Instances High Availability Service for
OpenStack clouds by automatically recovering failed Instances.

Change-Id: I279d6b43f8e4d4e30b39deb607823ceca272a4b8
Implements: blueprint masakari-support
4 years ago
Gaetan Trellu dbdf927d39 Add Qinling containers
Add Qinling Dockerfile , Qinling is an OpenStack project
to provide "Function as a service". This project aims to
provide a platform to support serverless functions.

Change-Id: Idebf5c8756a0d0225adcce29b45a399120bb5eb6
Implements: blueprint qinling-support
4 years ago
ZhongShengping 4fc5f1cc6e Move to opendev
1.Use instead of
2.Use instead of

You can see the discussion below:

Change-Id: I377ea63827b6f3995ee275fdc466c1b2100eafc7
4 years ago
Bai Yongjun 265f643295 Add cyborg to kolla
Because kolla not have cyborg so should add this.

Implements: blueprint add-cyborg

Change-Id: I497e67e3a754fccfd2ef5a82f13ccfaf890a6fcd
4 years ago
confi-surya 31444571b8 Add missing directory info
We can see some contribution directory is missing which
exist parallel to other directories. Adding this information
to README is helpful for new contributors to understand
high level directory structure.

Change-Id: I02d2041831ac00353495cbf6bd904dccae5eddf6
4 years ago
confi-surya 6c7445786c Adding cron-job link to README
Change-Id: I48960ced3e6d2a647ba8f595529068fef8c3f556
5 years ago
confi-surya 3f6a2c889d Added missing link for Sensu and Redis Sentinel
Change-Id: Ie54e98b5634c6b00dea768727dd53a3b7b7b5f73
5 years ago
confi-surya f8747a8642 Add Percona XtraBackup link in README
Change-Id: Ibad7c51def3970a643c93122cb6cbbf5323c5ee5
5 years ago
caoyuan 9753e81a27 Update the docker storage drivers link
Change-Id: I1d7d00132960d1e85e6a8996c374f807519c2ebe
Closes-Bug: #1801435
5 years ago
zhulingjie e457d0704f Update the links to https
Change-Id: I97d95dc9a9ac4b264e2b5cc2dd43d61828a0978b
Closes-Bug: #1801435
5 years ago
zhulingjie b5a2be2186 Update the monasca link to docs
Change-Id: I7d40aeccec7277acce5c875fdd66733dc4d3947a
Closes-Bug: #1800842
5 years ago
Zuul f0cabe6890 Merge "Remove kolla-k8s from kolla" 5 years ago
Zuul 874b1386ab Merge "Fix the italic for Certmonger" 5 years ago
zhulingjie 30f2c2af92 Add prometheus into kolla README
Change-Id: I30638f8aad30843a28a6147e380313fc247ccec8
5 years ago
caoyuan 27d98f9e4c Remove kolla-k8s from kolla
Change-Id: Ia4048ef651dd12b77955ea733000d283f51fa1e6
5 years ago
zhulingjie 21e8d61c1b Add kolla-cli into kolla deliverables
Change-Id: Ieacad01ea905e3d25506c9b1a430a658d58e7955
5 years ago
zhulingjie ce69a8ebdf Fix the italic for Certmonger
The line about Certmonger is italic [0], this ps to fix it.


Change-Id: I510db5ff490f2f03c3091a3cf47672e0fd4f4efe
5 years ago
ZhijunWei 98b95505fc Update the supermark for Kolla link
Change-Id: I4217876036865f276412ffd90318f08421e1b441
5 years ago
Zuul 7e6ae9ec4c Merge "Add certmonger into README.rst" 5 years ago
ZhijunWei c427340474 Fix the Blazar link error
Change-Id: I76136c2c0a39913c5a6a82993c006ed62b6e2117
5 years ago
ZhijunWei c8e64c469a Add certmonger into README.rst
refer to [0],[1]

Change-Id: I72a2c99a8760dbe77abd65ba53003224c5b820ee
5 years ago