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Sayantani Goswami c07d95e1af Clean up kolla-ansible related files from Kolla
- Remove globals.yml and passwords.yml files.
- The gate was still using these files from the kolla
directory. Modified the gate to prevent using these files
from the kolla directory.
- Modified the file to populate passwords
in passwords.yml using kolla-ansible.

Change-Id: I1ed7849d54cab6d5a9217dced73327ea13f06636
Closes-Bug: #1653035
2016-12-29 04:58:44 +00:00
Jenkins 1694aea9d7 Merge "Word choice for back end" 2016-11-29 12:25:02 +00:00
Jenkins c51cf93efd Merge "Ansible-ize OpenStack Designate" 2016-11-15 16:15:20 +00:00
lijing 1ebd95c3f4 Word choice for back end
This patch changes the use of back end in kolla according to the
word choice convention [1].


Change-Id: I20f2e158ba487622208d89b48eea0250257f5e76
2016-11-15 07:48:13 +00:00
Ross Krumbeck 2a3df8db32 Ansible-ize OpenStack Designate
Implement containers for main designate components.
Add designate enable options and port configuration.
Add designate groups to ansible inventory.
Add designate configuration to haproxy.
Add designate port checks.
Add designate passwords to passwords.yml.
Enable Designate and Neutron integration.
Enable Designate and Nova integration.
Fix designate-pool-manager container name for consistency.

Co-Authored-By: zhubingbing <>

Change-Id: I34d8126e0cd8d71d5ced9b62f3776cc354fbb549
Implements: blueprint ansible-designate
2016-11-14 15:17:04 +00:00
Andrew Widdersheim 5833cd6be1 Add enable_cinder_backend_nfs option example

Change-Id: I7a451d247f643c668d62c77da36dd1c7e66a9183
2016-11-11 13:06:20 -05:00
Christian Berendt 5cd30d4914 Remove Fedora support
Closes-bug: #1616387
Change-Id: Id97f88b9baa3d48d33ce120962450a374282d044
2016-11-03 10:50:22 +01:00
Jenkins 464b8fdc39 Merge "Support searchlight ansible role" 2016-10-19 18:25:45 +00:00
Jenkins 5a08b48c5f Merge "Update globals.yml Docker registry example notes" 2016-10-19 15:53:18 +00:00
liyingjun ec57f589c4 Support searchlight ansible role
Searchlight is an Openstack search and index service, this patch
implements the ansible role for searchlight.

Implement blueprint: support-searchlight-deployment

Change-Id: Ibf42d5b259a6740d6596041f896e1009657b7388
2016-10-19 05:57:53 +00:00
Andrew Widdersheim 4ea452edb5 Update globals.yml Docker registry example notes
Note that the 'docker_registry_password' can also be set in
passwords.yml since most people may want to use Ansible's vault to
secure their password files.

Change-Id: I8980aaaf7af97c1751012de427d20ba09cda1252
2016-10-18 15:05:34 -04:00
Andrew Widdersheim 05700da26e Add node_custom_config example to globals.yml
Change-Id: Ie128567bc1f8457f798f90a9c00c51746e86df31
2016-10-18 15:04:39 -04:00
Mauricio Lima fb109d23b2 Update OpenStack service names

Change-Id: I36eef6a16517efa36cd9c81b139aa717f75706fb
2016-10-17 08:53:14 -03:00
Mauricio Lima 44f5f5bec8 Add HNAS as Manila backend
Co-Authored-By: Denis Cavalcante <>
Co-Authored-By: Francisco Edigleison Barbosa <>
Change-Id: I986623a2753140acad0e2b7f1838356f00ae36b0
Implements: bp add-hnas-as-manila-backend
2016-10-10 13:23:13 -03:00
Jeffrey Zhang 18fa72c901 integrate gnocchi with ceilometer
Closes-Bug: #1626364
Change-Id: I9d586b950b7099a9b160f7b32c9ff00b189a0287
2016-10-09 03:04:07 +00:00
Jeffrey Zhang 96318fed5a Integrate gnocchi with ceph
Gnocchi previously lacked high availability. We consider a lack of HA
in our a vast majority of operator oriented services to be a defective
design choice. this change integrates gnocchi with ceph to resolve the
the lack of HA.

Closes-Bug: #1626623
Change-Id: I71c5137842cb48bc4af0e50a2952df5631d0d6df
2016-09-29 12:13:04 +00:00
caowei 7155305824 Revert "Add enable_elasticsearch option"
enable_elasticsearch option is already added,in
elastic search enable or disable depends on "enable_central_logging" not on "enable_elasticsearch" in globals.yml file.
So remove enable_elasticsearch option from global.yml

This reverts commit f581c81ec6.
Change-Id: I1ceff747d7b978dc82efc55fda72b9b98c272f0d
2016-09-25 11:31:59 +08:00
caowei f581c81ec6 Add enable_elasticsearch option

Change-Id: Id3bbe547637386216a1001c729b277439fbe114f
2016-09-22 23:09:01 +08:00
Jenkins ce3abeb0eb Merge "Allow use of database for Horizon sessions" 2016-09-22 04:00:28 +00:00
Vladislav Belogrudov b1f986c349 Cinder cannot use external non-LVM iSCSI storage
Currently Cinder enables iscsid service only when LVM is choosen as
backend. This fix will allow to specify external iSCSI storage via
configuration add-on and to run iscsid independently of LVM settings.

Change-Id: Iaae0f8025534e5ab1c5f9d5e812a7d41129915ef
Closes-Bug: 1614125
2016-09-21 12:28:07 +00:00
MD NADEEM aa5f743a8c Added enable_option for some services

Change-Id: I0f881ea50378bea491bf9721359edc6b5428c28a
2016-09-19 16:06:14 +05:30
Hui Kang 0d28b311eb Add Kuryr ansible role
Change-Id: I7134bffab940ee780e5f5010d639af56f97b41d6
Co-authored-by: Mohammad Banikazemi <>
Co-Authored-By: zhubingbing <>
Co-Authored-By: Antoni Segura Puimedon <>
Partially-implements: bp kuryr-docker-plugin
2016-09-15 23:47:22 +00:00
Jenkins 97c99a9214 Merge "Add etcd ansible role" 2016-09-15 22:21:27 +00:00
Christian Berendt be0fcb5b99 Integrate neutron-vpnaas-agent into the neutron Ansible role
Implements: blueprint neutron-vpnaas-agent
Co-Authored-By: zhubingbing <>
Change-Id: I1fae21f48d5beef47934aef7c23910536955f2b8
2016-09-15 05:07:46 +00:00
Hui Kang a5b53f3a70 Add etcd ansible role
Change-Id: If8351ab3000006323a05924e907f1e3745768304
Co-Authored-By: zhubingbing <>>
Partially-implements: bp kuryr-docker-plugin
2016-09-15 03:33:57 +00:00
Jenkins d438e1ca13 Merge "Added grafana role" 2016-09-14 18:14:58 +00:00
Jenkins ad2d6567a6 Merge "Added telegraf role" 2016-09-14 17:14:26 +00:00
Jenkins a063ecb692 Merge "Allow Neutron to be run in DVR mode" 2016-09-14 16:05:36 +00:00
Mathias Ewald 56af4ef202 Added telegraf role
Added ansible role to deploy telegraf

Roll out telegraf to all nodes

Introduce parameter to toggle deployment of performance monitoring

Co-Authored-By: zhubingbing <>

Change-Id: Ia09b20ce65bf557c1a1030eda99df5cc88debd01
Partially-Implements: Blueprint performance-monitoring
2016-09-14 15:43:04 +00:00
Paul Bourke 95c916aa5e Allow Neutron to be run in DVR mode
Introduces a new property "enable_neutron_dvr", along with the
appropriate service and template changes to allow DVR.

Closes-Bug: #1623463
DocImpact: dvr changes network data paths and adds requirements for NICs
Co-Authored-By: Vladislav Belogrudov <>
Change-Id: I87a26e9258228ae2ccb76be1e5f0bb44fac128df
2016-09-14 12:58:47 +01:00
Mathias Ewald fe61591a7c Added grafana role
Added ansible role to deploy grafana

Added host group for grafana deployment

Co-Authored-By: zhubingbing <>

Change-Id: I3dec4e8586b6f65fa7de66a48506d1c79de2fe1e
Partially-Implements: Blueprint performance-monitoring
2016-09-14 09:36:34 +00:00
Eduardo Gonzalez abf83650a1 Add Senlin Ansible role
Change-Id: Ic941a396b5cd9abfb5e9941218e91b784f8bba0a
Implements: bp senlin-container
2016-09-14 07:20:22 +02:00
Paul Bourke 233090300e Check volume group exists for Cinder in prechecks
Add a service check for Cinder when using iscsi/LVM, that the
appropriate volume group exists.


Change-Id: I54e01911709db73549334760498b4246fe6271d7
Co-Authored-By: Vladislav Belogrudov <>
2016-09-13 16:39:56 +01:00
Jenkins 6b3456bf36 Merge "Add Barbican ansible role" 2016-09-13 05:14:32 +00:00
zhubingbing e0537385d0 Add Barbican ansible role
Partially-Implements: blueprint barbican-ansible

Change-Id: Id6be35b1d0527d5c38d4ea8576b233ebcc404718
2016-09-13 02:56:27 +00:00
Jenkins a9c41a3821 Merge "Fix manila_share container isn't up after deploy" 2016-09-12 20:11:05 +00:00
Jenkins 7ad4249ead Merge "Allow mysql to be used as a database for Ceilometer" 2016-09-12 18:18:08 +00:00
Mauricio Lima 3091f94a07 Fix manila_share container isn't up after deploy
Change-Id: Ia5ece5f02841aebc1bdb0950b3f827e1cee359e5
Closes-Bug: #1620721
Closes-Bug: #1614033
2016-09-12 13:42:12 -04:00
Paul Bourke 82f6d3f44b Allow mysql to be used as a database for Ceilometer
MongoDB is still default.

Refer to for
more info on Ceilometer database backends.

Closes-Bug: #1622532

Change-Id: Iaf84f9efe0537f42797f4bb7ba2a3611835cc84e
2016-09-12 11:41:35 +00:00
Jenkins 15228232e1 Merge "Added influxdb role" 2016-09-08 14:06:16 +00:00
Paul Bourke d3f65a812f Allow use of database for Horizon sessions
Database-backed sessions are scalable (using an appropriate database
strategy), persistent, and can be made high-concurrency and
highly-available [0]

Default is off.


Co-Authored-By: Vladislav Belogrudov <>
Closes-Bug: 1618781

Change-Id: Ib68a21397dc020d20e07dcc51d3d0fdc1de102ff
2016-09-08 12:49:02 +01:00
Jenkins 2da0aa8ffc Merge "Fix keytone options in all.yml/globals.yml" 2016-09-08 07:09:37 +00:00
Christian Berendt 77f565e527 Fix keytone options in all.yml/globals.yml
* merge keystone sections in all.yml
* move keystone parameters in globals.yml into its own section


Change-Id: I72893a44dabd515243175098d5c4da3f8191597b
2016-09-07 15:33:25 +00:00
zhubingbing 0c9debe893 Add sahara ansible role
Change-Id: I75b58248bfc4e86cace75faa82526d55a9ebbdbf
Partially-Implements: blueprint sahara-role
2016-09-07 15:29:02 +00:00
Jenkins 5d8878de6d Merge "Add cloudkitty ansible role" 2016-09-07 15:21:44 +00:00
Christian Berendt 5f62c22959 Add cloudkitty ansible role
Co-Authored-By: zhubingbing <>

Change-Id: Id83c852e32c3dd583e6128e888ac511634e8eabb
Partially-Implements: blueprint cloudkitty
2016-09-07 14:10:06 +00:00
Jenkins 00ffed3872 Merge "Implement Ansible rally role" 2016-09-07 07:26:38 +00:00
zhubingbing d3d3472326 Implement Ansible rally role
Change-Id: I647c38adbfd00c70874cf51c0bfcb68d243e26cc
Partially-Implements: blueprint rally-role
2016-09-07 02:07:04 +00:00
Jenkins 972db51982 Merge "Comment some lines in globals.yml" 2016-09-07 01:08:55 +00:00
zhubingbing 89392f4f6a Add gnocchi ansible role
Partially-Implements: blueprint ansible-gnocchi

Change-Id: I8dd0460bd21ac0a233fab0142ec7b6079459bdc2
2016-09-06 13:17:47 +00:00