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Marcin Juszkiewicz d6935edb43 Add Debian/source aarch64 CI job
AArch64 is getting popular and not all changes working on x86-64 work
properly on aarch64 architecture. Let check them.

Job is running in separate pipeline due to low number of aarch64 nodes.

Authored-By: Xinliang Liu <>
Co-Authored-By: Jeffrey Zhang <>
Co-Authored-By: Marcin Juszkiewicz <>

Implements: blueprint aarch64-3rd-party-ci-kolla


Change-Id: I7e7802dfa4f4d9c61d01dba4b77c01cfb24301c0
4 years ago
Mark Goddard 6c86915597 CI: Move to CentOS 8 nodepool images
This change modifies the CentOS build CI jobs to use a CentOS 8 host

NOTE: This does not affect the version of CentOS used as the base image
in containers built by kolla.

Partially-Implements: blueprint centos-rhel-8
Partially-Implements: blueprint centos-rhel-python3

Change-Id: Ie25b54a4e6116ed2bcb9c3b5c44eb6edbd2e6b49
4 years ago
Mark Goddard 98fb7dc8ff CI: Increase job run attempts to 5
Attempts affect pre failures.  This means we can increase stability of
jobs by rejecting nodes that fail pre without failing runs at the same
time (unless we are really unlucky and hit b0rken nodes 5 times in a

This change is adapted from I17b7f878c742fa8db66f738526855a02ab9f1905 in

Change-Id: Ied5d2cb8ffa47b90833ee3cf241797601906f9b2
4 years ago
Marcin Juszkiewicz 7e1d3eba92 CI: increase both limits to 3h
Our publishing job is barely managing to fit in 2h time so let add
another one.

Change-Id: Id9312830fb9961927ac8d317c432f52a4ad7af24
4 years ago
Marcin Juszkiewicz c8b2ee97b7 Add Debian/source CI job
For start just simple debian/source build job.


Change-Id: I55e2b32c673f5e06458bec6e88184c3415f1f1fa
4 years ago
Radosław Piliszek c7ac0f0de0 Clean up test process
If stestr failed, then no node info was logged.
Logging node info is now handled in pre and post stages of Zuul.
Additionally Zuul v3 migration recommendations were applied
and some unused code removed improving general readability.

Change-Id: Iae9d37cb76997ba8389e21c7e2a3bf5905abe029
Signed-off-by: Radosław Piliszek <>
4 years ago
Zuul 2dc9191c8c Merge "Bump CI post-run timeout to 2 hours" 4 years ago
Mark Goddard 6d58f7b3a2 Add some irrelevant files to build jobs
Change-Id: Ia3edc6a4993a4ed37d097e902f378761bc10f1cc
4 years ago
confi-surya 5eec015caf Run jobs on bionic instead of xenial
We want to migrate to the latest Ubuntu LTS release 18.04 aka Bionic.
This is just a patch to find possible issues before the real migration
starts. See [0] for the big picture.

Also test running tox jobs on Bionic.


Change-Id: I748f26faf6f98e9693b5cd803577df1118121b41
4 years ago
Mark Goddard 5f0b33f52e Bump CI post-run timeout to 2 hours
We are seeing a number of POST_FAILURES in the periodic publishing jobs,
with jobs timing out pushing images to Docker hub. Try bumping the
post timeout to 2 hours.

Change-Id: I69b5610b712560e2d617933e639e77041953e21c
4 years ago
Mark Goddard 451d0fc023 Increase CI image publish job to 1.5 hours
Currently the job is timing out, and we do not have all Rocky images

Change-Id: I5126dd27ae767c5965b9fdd3f079c7f1bc3034a4
5 years ago
Zuul 814bc1a4a0 Merge "Increase the post-timeout to 3600 seconds" 5 years ago
Jeffrey Zhang 864965c400 Increase the post-timeout to 3600 seconds
The default post-timeout is 1800, which is not enough to push images to

Change-Id: If1e499c247f3eeb8452991cb18aea5b1fdad60a7
Closes-Bug: #1755416
5 years ago
Eduardo Gonzalez 01a5388169 Verify YAML syntax in gates
Test yaml syntax is correct on new changes.
Fixes current warnings and errors

Change-Id: I5888f8e4a9d27a08506036df2c564b9f2081ccee
5 years ago
Michal (inc0) Jastrzebski 17c7772419 Break up .zuul.yaml to multiple files
.zuul.yaml became long and hard to maintain, let's break it up by distro

Change-Id: Ic137927e61b8fc8c89d5b0bcb2557ab8d5528100
5 years ago