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Zuul 031b17226a Merge "CentOS 8: Build bifrost image" 3 years ago
Mark Goddard a7ba77fa89 CentOS 8: Build bifrost image
Also enables CentOS 8 ansible bifrost job.

Change-Id: Iec3d51abe50b05f90f764a4058be620cad1f9388
Partially-Implements: blueprint centos-rhel-8
3 years ago
Mark Goddard 48a1630f4f CentOS 8: Add upgrade job
Change-Id: Id1beefee220b1014e5f90dbb22a496ccb8d0cf53
Partially-Implements: blueprint centos-rhel-8
3 years ago
Mark Goddard a755304795 Multiple fixes to unblock CI
This change includes a number of fixes to make CI functional.

* Blacklist ansible 2.8.9 in kolla-toolbox

  Ansible 2.8.9 broke the OpenStack modules, see for details.

  This causes us to fail with the following error:

    /usr/lib64/python2.7/distutils/\", line 40, in __init__
    File "/usr/lib64/python2.7/distutils/", line 105, in parse
    match = self.version_re.match(vstring)\nTypeError: expected string or buffer

  This change works around the issue by blacklisting ansible 2.8.9 in
  the kolla-toolbox image.

* Drop CentOS 7 CI jobs. There are multiple issues with CentOS 7 now,
  and we have CentOS 8 jobs in place so it's time to move on

* pin requirements to commit
  ea42244642c3c091cb4f70917ae8d79af217b6af. This is required to avoid
  oslo.cache 2.1.0, which breaks us. See

Change-Id: Iebc39bd804d2c4f553d42c285549f50f4c8bc8be
Closes-Bug: #1866181
Related-Bug: #1866008
3 years ago
Wes Hayutin 1b0884af8a change tripleo centos-7 build containers to centos-8
mark the job non-voting
remove the gate job.

Once the job is confirmed stable we should
add voting, gating.

Change-Id: Ied6df5412c58446c6b090bc8e9822685ed51ddb1
3 years ago
Mark Goddard 018f69bc71 CentOS 8: Add deploy jobs in CI
Adds the following deploy jobs, defined in kolla-ansible, to the CI
check pipeline:

- kolla-ansible-centos8-source
- kolla-ansible-centos8-binary
- kolla-ansible-centos8-source-cinder-lvm
- kolla-ansible-centos8-source-scenario-nfv
- kolla-ansible-centos8-source-ironic

The following job is not yet passing:

- kolla-ansible-centos8-source-bifrost

Also adds the following deploy job to the CI gate pipeline:

- kolla-ansible-centos8-source

Partially-Implements: blueprint centos-rhel-8


Change-Id: Idca0f983451fb67527f4917642de510dbf9af921
3 years ago
Radosław Piliszek a7c2e4b34c CI: Replace cinder-lvm scenario with zun scenario
As discussed during the meeting. [1]


Change-Id: Ie095590b82d6e1b3922d99178d3a4019626ab630
3 years ago
Michal Nasiadka e75051d3a1 CI: Replace ceph jobs with ceph-ansible
Change-Id: Ic2a75d72c2f5f00f1a46ea50a0ba091b964a7858
3 years ago
Mark Goddard b060623b90 CentOS 8: Add zuul build and publish jobs
Adds build and publishing jobs for CentOS 8 images:

- kolla-build-centos8-binary
- kolla-build-centos8-source
- kolla-publish-centos8-binary
- kolla-publish-centos8-source

The 'base' image has been added to the list of unbuildable images for
CentOS 8 (now separate from the list for CentOS 7). This means that no
images will be built - the jobs should essentially be a 'noop'.

Change-Id: Ie9a0109bd4eef337358d714e4b5088b8e3de2f23
Partially-Implements: blueprint centos-rhel-8
3 years ago
Mark Goddard 6c86915597 CI: Move to CentOS 8 nodepool images
This change modifies the CentOS build CI jobs to use a CentOS 8 host

NOTE: This does not affect the version of CentOS used as the base image
in containers built by kolla.

Partially-Implements: blueprint centos-rhel-8
Partially-Implements: blueprint centos-rhel-python3

Change-Id: Ie25b54a4e6116ed2bcb9c3b5c44eb6edbd2e6b49
4 years ago
Andreas Jaeger 454d834bce Remove unneeded Zuul branch matcher
We have implicit branch matchers, so there's no need to add a check for
not-ocata, this job is only run for the branch it's on - like master

Remove it to not confuse Zuul when multiple branches matches and the job
is different.

Change-Id: I2052e6c9cf1082f238988eeb9f6a20341d2d4886
4 years ago
Marcin Juszkiewicz 63d397b8a8 Restore TripleO CI as voting and gated
Change-Id: Ic141ec854aa9bee7cb30ec982c6f91fedbc4a3a3
4 years ago
Radosław Piliszek f8d81e0307 CI: Gate on jobs kolla-ansible already gates on
We should gate on kolla-ansible jobs. Period.
This makes kolla gate on jobs that kolla-ansible gates on already.
They are already voting in kolla.

Change-Id: Iee51a5c340d071e653afd4ecd4996d04bd9cfb7f
Signed-off-by: Radosław Piliszek <>
4 years ago
Radosław Piliszek b16bfdd4bb CI: follow-up on TripleO demotion - no gating
Backported to Stein already.
See also:

Change-Id: Ic2948953b9e8cd5148d6bde539003ab9d081b215
Signed-off-by: Radosław Piliszek <>
4 years ago
Radosław Piliszek 07b55048e6 Unbreak CI: fluentd and TripleO dependency
fluentd - we are not deploying kubernetes, no need for plugins
TripleO - CI currently broken (to reverse, FIXME in place)

Change-Id: I203f70176af7f2b53398ddeb5c21e6234a45e268
Signed-off-by: Radosław Piliszek <>
4 years ago
Radosław Piliszek 4884203a9e CI: set the same gate queue for kolla and kolla-ansible
This is to ensure that any Depends-On does not cause Zuul not to pick up
the change for gating due to no notifications between queues.
Previously W+1-ing a change which depended on non-merged change from
the other project caused it to remain in the same state.

Change-Id: I1815c3f30c3208b31501d1b7c2bd6be99db437e5
Signed-off-by: Radosław Piliszek <>
4 years ago
Mark Goddard 0a4649aadd Enable CI jobs for ceph upgrade, NFV, cinder LVM, ironic
Change-Id: I410cb943b766284a6b7bf11b0dd53bd2cdc75749
4 years ago
Mark Goddard b377a3080f Disable publishing images on Ocata
These jobs have been failing for some time. Stop wasting CI resources
and disable them. We can enable them again if someone maintains ocata
before it gets to EOL.

Change-Id: I42750d3270ab8c9f3fdead741e5251ccb16f8dcb
4 years ago
Zuul c9193c4135 Merge "Add CI trigger for ceph jobs" 4 years ago
Zuul fdb74362cd Merge "Make tripleo-build-containers-centos-7 voting" 4 years ago
Michal Nasiadka 14f1507d2c Add CI trigger for ceph jobs
Add a trigger for running CI ceph jobs when docker/ceph/.* and
docker/cinder/.* files are being changed.

Change-Id: I0a5fc2d47ccb4f64dbf8fca7092240cd40777b28
4 years ago
Mark Goddard 7b0f9dd752 Add kolla-ansible upgrade jobs to check pipeline
Change-Id: I1165ed88d5732b82c487f80f0372e17ea1f36be1
4 years ago
Sorin Sbarnea 81ef659f91 Make tripleo-build-containers-centos-7 voting
Assures that the job is triggered when relevant files are touched.

Defines file patterns which could have allowed breaking changes
to go in untested, the implicit ones from parent not being enough.

Change-Id: I5aa4eb466f2369740cd66d087c71c36d44ff7623
4 years ago
Mark Goddard 93a4ea65ce Remove dependencies from kolla ansible jobs
These are no longer required, since the jobs in kolla-ansible define
kolla-ansible as a required project.

Change-Id: I9953159237580167b20a7aebf0125efaadef928c
5 years ago
Mark Goddard 8e16827082 Run Bifrost deploy job when Dockerfiles change
Change-Id: I4cb19dff2ee02caf86237a6cd7215b1c48cd6637
5 years ago
Alex Schultz e79da48e17 Add tripleo container build job
The tripleo continainer build process consumes the kolla project. We
would like to add a non-voting job for kolla as the start of better
integration between the two.  This job runs the tripleo build process
which calls kolla-build under the covers.  Failures in this job might
indicate breakages in the kolla build api.

Change-Id: I5ce7c5888858f535eee0b5539c1e2d7978a7438e
5 years ago
Jeffrey Zhang abc61c012c Support push kolla tag image to site
Change-Id: I8a21f60a37ba038e46c29d0bcff9ffbd2457a257
5 years ago
Eduardo Gonzalez 01a5388169 Verify YAML syntax in gates
Test yaml syntax is correct on new changes.
Fixes current warnings and errors

Change-Id: I5888f8e4a9d27a08506036df2c564b9f2081ccee
5 years ago
Surya Prakash Singh b4f8db5c17 Zuul: Remove project name
Zuul no longer requires the project-name for in-repo configuration.
Omitting it makes forking or renaming projects easier.

Change-Id: Iacba417e380c53f7793cd2e61a892b6139af85ac
5 years ago
Michal (inc0) Jastrzebski 17c7772419 Break up .zuul.yaml to multiple files
.zuul.yaml became long and hard to maintain, let's break it up by distro

Change-Id: Ic137927e61b8fc8c89d5b0bcb2557ab8d5528100
5 years ago