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confi-surya 901e8d0d8d Improve pep8 checking along with hacking
This change will help to check the function _() is
used but not imported. And the gates will check this missing
in the next time.

Change-Id: Ic1dd25e99c3db9fc8782a5f0977679978e274191
5 years ago
wangqi 87fc1922da Remove the extra parentheses
Change-Id: I185536189cc3943906b2e2cc7478bf6386377ea1
5 years ago
Jeremy Liu c756896e90 Add HACKING.rst and hacking test case.
Currently, we have hacking check in kolla, but no place where we
can define hacking check rules. This patch adds HACKING.rst file
for that. And also add test cases for hacking.

Change-Id: I87f8768138d91bf6a5a1db91d37392f794f3f0ba
7 years ago
Nguyen Phuong An 23921f11eb Ensure doesn't use LOG.warn
This patchs ensure doesn't use LOG.warn because LOG.warn deprecated
in Python 3 [1]. Using LOG.warning should be used instead.



Change-Id: I464314b33b8d4f31b6be0a765019e1f5668cc6d9
7 years ago
Jeffrey Zhang 4e154f0018 Introduce the hacking module to kolla
Implements: blueprint add-hacking

Change-Id: Ia24a263555b9c1eb11e61b9d3fe89612a89daed6
7 years ago