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Nguyen Hung Phuong 253692630f Clean imports in code
In some part in the code we import objects. In the Openstack style
guidelines they recommend to import only modules.

Change-Id: I4b55cae8c2672f82025a95112b14d441d66f9d6d
7 years ago
Jeffrey Zhang d4490ea2bc add unittest code base
* add a base TestCase class
* load the tests from the project root rather than only tests dir
* add a test case for WorkerThread builder function

Change-Id: Icf878f9249b475a311123c8235c42b1212d02ca6
Partially-implements: bp add-ut-codebase
7 years ago
Jeffrey Zhang 67e4607d43 Add py27 py34 pypy unittest
Change-Id: Iaf58463bd156924839062b8284a2d7151a153db5
7 years ago
Borne Mace 30a1988f0a Fixed additional OpenStack pep8 issues
The "hacking" package used in most OpenStack repos pulls in
additional pep8 rules.  This commit should fix all of them
other than a hand full in the file which will
be fixed in a separate commit

Change-Id: I40a0a30d338592ad64123e3da5523b9ad95a7a9c
Partially-Implements: blueprint enable-flake8
8 years ago
Jeff Peeler 21cd478cbd Add functional tests to tox
This adds functional tests to tox, along with a number of prerequisite
steps. Since this is primarily a bash project, pbr usage has been avoided.
Tests are to be written in python and put in the tests directory.

Running tox -e setupenv will execute a setup script
(tests/ to ensure the running instance of docker meets
the minimum version requirement.

Running tox -e images will execute the image building script
(tools/build-all-docker-images) and will parse the resulting output to report

Running tox -e startenv will generate the environment file, run
"tools/kolla start", and run first time initialization (eventually).

Running tox -e functional is for actually testing the deployed OpenStack
environment via a series of tests utilizing the client APIs.

Change-Id: Iff6dfdca43f0c44d471e7540a7836e56a0de4507
8 years ago