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Radosław Piliszek d9fa85629a Add note about vmware-nsx to version-check
Change-Id: Ie136940c883b15a082e0f538a1c46134edbb10cc
3 years ago
Zuul b8a0ed5dfa Merge "Remove crane image" 4 years ago
Mark Goddard c63f817730 Remove crane image
This image was deprecated in the Stein cycle.

Change-Id: I249b78cd263c97c4a9223523c77f8c325f3e649a
4 years ago
Mark Goddard f528ad8102 Ignore EM releases in
We don't want to use Extended Maintenance (EM) tags, since these are
just markers of a point in time and not available as released artifacts.

Change-Id: If552f7ffc22d4b25769c14c083179eecf5a93158
4 years ago
Mark Goddard e9586bd7d5 Version check: update using project name or tarball name
The current code worked only if the project was using the project_name
in kolla/common/, rather than the tarball_base name. This is
only true on master - on stable branches we may switch to use the
tarball_base name, so the regex won't match.

Change-Id: I839649e6ef662ae3ff320edb3106da818956d26d
4 years ago
Mark Goddard 83e8be4f05 Set requirements branch in
We use the stable branch of the requirements project.

Also add an exception for the crane project, which is not managed by
OpenStack releases.

Make use of 'tarball_base' field to handle tarball renames.

Change-Id: I05186d9a3e21615e6b49c62cea83bc4bde4702fe
4 years ago
confi-surya 8acba6ff56 Update hacking version
Use latest release 1.1.0 and compatible changes w.r.t pep8

Change-Id: Ia3d1166a2746a46591e4e5a04ea91e03ddc28d93
5 years ago
Eduardo Gonzalez 3b264a919a Ingore monasca-thresh in
monasca-thresh package is not published in and fails to detect
proper version for it.
Add to external managed packages list

Change-Id: I5da4da1f5291e993fdcd04177c634147204ad9ed
5 years ago
Jenkins e4245aa415 Merge "Add bandit check to all python code" 6 years ago
Jenkins e602088c3f Merge "Remove ignore tempest project in version-check" 6 years ago
Eduardo Gonzalez 8c6585155d Remove ignore tempest project in version-check
Tempest is present in openstack/releases project

Change-Id: Ib4c48108ecfe9eb9e3276ed039af083438385837
Closes-Bug: #1703395
6 years ago
Eduardo Gonzalez 4097672aff Fix gnocchi in version_check script
Gnocchi is moved out of openstack/releases project.
Version-check need to be updated with gnocchi in
skipped projects.

Closes-Bug: #1703386
Change-Id: I2b37aeb7042756be534559615878e698275783c6
6 years ago
Eduardo Gonzalez cc7aabc12e Add bandit check to all python code
Bandit was not running in all directories
due missing -r parameter.

Also, this change fix bandit errors.
* Add nosec to subprocess module
* Change /tmp/releases to .releases
* Change /tmp/ to tmp/, tmp/ is not checked
  and in unittest is not an issue, simpler that mocking tempfile
  and make more complex tests.

Change-Id: I42bafa4707a9a4d1faeb01cb9b5a843f56280deb
6 years ago
Jeffrey Zhang ffbc25c1d2 Get OpenStack service versions from openstack/releases repo
In old implementation, version-check always get the latest versions
rather than versions for certain release. it is useless for stable
branch. And it parses from site, which is
very slow.

In this new implementation, version-check gets versions from
openstack/releases repo, which is faster and accurate. It also support
get versions for certain OpenStack release. For example, get the Ocata
latest release version.

./ --openstack-release ocata

Closes-Bug: #1554337
Change-Id: Ie8951625817d82f38cf820cf9bd44ae447e2eb75
6 years ago
Martin André 9660b57864 Consistently set sys path when using local tools
Consistently set the search path to prefer PROJECT_ROOT as the source
of packages to import if we are using local tools instead of pip
installed kolla tools.


Change-Id: Idd1d98bb82a8f1ddb32d1bdb23f346b461534b9f
7 years ago
Nguyen Hung Phuong 253692630f Clean imports in code
In some part in the code we import objects. In the Openstack style
guidelines they recommend to import only modules.

Change-Id: I4b55cae8c2672f82025a95112b14d441d66f9d6d
7 years ago
Christian Berendt 4b69671a49 Improve script to check used source versions
* rename to
* move requirement beautifulsoup4 from requirements to test-requirements
* add new requirement PrettyTable to test-requirements
* add debug logging messages (can be enabled with --debug parameter)
* add support to load configured versions from a kolla-build.conf
  file (can be used with --config-file parameter)
* use PrettyTable to print out a nice result table

| Project | Current version | Latest version | Comparing changes...
| aodh    | 2.0.3           | 2.0.4          |
| cinder  | 8.0.0           | 8.1.0          |
| ironic  | 5.1.1           | 5.1.2          |
| murano  | 2.0.0           | 2.0.1          |
| nova    | 13.1.0          | 13.1.1         |


Change-Id: I5b5d3db34396b2fc95714273612563ea14e78cf8
7 years ago