159 Commits (7bd72afbb4ad269f78a04279d8f59b5701c6f871)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Michal Nasiadka 3a46b48e6e Add mongodb to skipped images 11 months ago
Mark Goddard f203662859 Bump versions for Stein 11 months ago
Michal Nasiadka 3c435cb078 Fix ironic build issues - LANG related 1 year ago
Michal Nasiadka d12137ce64 CI: Install python deps, mark oraclelinux rsyslog as skipped 1 year ago
Marcin Juszkiewicz d6f46d544f handle push error properly 2 years ago
Marcin Juszkiewicz 7d0450d807 build: enable Octavia for Ubuntu/binary 2 years ago
Mark Goddard f79df0f25e Fix retries when pushing images 2 years ago
Rabi Mishra 666d800b0e Add config option use_dumb_init to add it to container images 3 years ago
Bai Yongjun 265f643295 Add cyborg to kolla 3 years ago
Michael Turek 828209713d Properly set debian_arch for ppc64el hardware 3 years ago
Emilien Macchi d170256896 Introduce clean_package_cache 3 years ago
Alex Schultz 78c819d623 Add distro_package_manager configuration 3 years ago
Marcin Juszkiewicz 8df6eb0118 replace 'distro_python3' variable with 'distro_python_version' 3 years ago
Marcin Juszkiewicz 43b74ccc15 debian/ubuntu: make use of Python3 based packages 3 years ago
Marcin Juszkiewicz ab679adcbf debian/ubuntu: introduce 'debian_arch' variable 3 years ago
Marcin Juszkiewicz 63e5e4d658 build: exit if there is no Docker connection 3 years ago
Martin André ab942509e5 Allow running more commands dockerless 3 years ago
Alex Schultz fca732b81e Add base_package_type 3 years ago
Alex Schultz 3410a6165a Add distro_python3 option 3 years ago
confi-surya 8acba6ff56 Update hacking version 3 years ago
Eduardo Gonzalez 2f657085c6 Split placement-api from nova 3 years ago
Marcin Juszkiewicz 5792c1d7b4 build: remove link to failed log before creating 3 years ago
Dan Prince 4f9ee9f132 Add crane docker image 3 years ago
Dan Prince e1b37f5444 Add a tripleoclient container 3 years ago
Attila Fazekas 317b1e0fc7 skipped_images None handling 3 years ago
Eduardo Gonzalez 616708d163 Add neutron dragent package for RPM binary builds 3 years ago
Jon Schlueter 9cc7667a51 build with --template-only to not require running docker service 3 years ago
confi-surya 2aefc3d8fa Revert "Add networking-odl image to skipped image list" 3 years ago
Doug Szumski 49dc670eb4 Add support for deploying Monasca Thresh 3 years ago
Victor Coutellier f53fcc7e5b Ability to build container against docker swarm 3 years ago
Martin Chlumsky 96ca4c2f2c kolla-build: Wrap tpl_dict.keys() in a list() 3 years ago
Martin André 76a965ad80 Install sensu from centos-opstools 3 years ago
Martin André a126aca298 Put upper limit on cmd2 in kolla-toolbox 3 years ago
Martin André 5a914622d4 Unblock gate 3 years ago
Jeffrey Zhang 14374e715d Bump Ubuntu base image to 18.04 4 years ago
Michal Nasiadka 4c91f67662 Fix image push for python3 3 years ago
Marcin Juszkiewicz 880ff3abd7 build: remove info that image squash support is disabled 3 years ago
Martin André 58742c212e Create symlinks for failed builds logs 3 years ago
Alex Schultz 00bdb6d01f Add network_mode for image building 3 years ago
confi-surya 0f9953fac0 Fix the gate 3 years ago
ZhongShengping 50dc394f49 Add support for installing binary packages for senlin 4 years ago
Harald Jensas d0546485f6 Add networking-baremetal 4 years ago
caoyuan f0c11d30e7 Update the explicty to explicitly 4 years ago
Jianghua Wang ad80bfd069 Remove the unsupported 'insecure_registry' for >=docker 3.0.0 4 years ago
Andrew Smith 4157165529 Enable kafka for rhel distro derivatives 4 years ago
Jeffrey Zhang d98a102162 Support squash docker images layers 4 years ago
Jeffrey Zhang ec0950b209 Add tripleo-ui image to skipped image list 4 years ago
Bertrand Lallau b8f7693d41 Implement Almanach Docker images 4 years ago
Christian Berendt 18c1163ad3 Make env variables accessible in template files 4 years ago
ChangBo Guo(gcb) b35ecbae36 Fix docstring of method run_build 4 years ago