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Steven Dake a090039496 Revert "Spec: Deploy Kolla images using Kubernetes"
This reverts commit 99761c5cdc.

Change-Id: Ib40224841f3399c6794b8aa71ca5cd7f0308a722
7 years ago
Ryan Hallisey 99761c5cdc Spec: Deploy Kolla images using Kubernetes
related blueprint kolla-kubernetes

Change-Id: I5ef968a0f9b4a1b47b32bb041fbc5d5a3c2e2be7
7 years ago
Ildar Iskhakov bf95c1f156 Fixing typo in the documentation
Change-Id: I454d3ff2226a51b6b98515c1b29f7d3d45351e4f
7 years ago
Jenkins 5991abbb4b Merge "Logging with Heka spec" 7 years ago
venkatamahesh 70de590a11 Use uppercase 'S' in word "OpenStack"
Change-Id: I27ca0ea75f3d6a4371c91b3cb2c7a999ec90fbc4
7 years ago
venkatamahesh 23b1a8c03a Fix some words spellings
Trivial Fix

Change-Id: Ic14778bb4e894490a3b6af9471ba01ab4da94601
7 years ago
Éric Lemoine d2aa9aa6a3 Logging with Heka spec
This adds a spec for using Heka as Kolla's log processing tool.

Change-Id: Ia786601f3f0b298c120950e2abdd6d1b71e32ba5
7 years ago
Angus Salkeld c019854a2b Spec: Deploy Kolla images using Mesos
Co-Authored-By: Georgy Okrokvertskhov <>
related blueprint mesos
Change-Id: I0bc2d9e69819079b8cdaf9a47c5363a3017dced9
8 years ago
Angus Salkeld 50f866c921 Add a template spec to make it a bit easier to write a new spec
Change-Id: I50d4d66a507b06e75c9968cf0e0ee1ad9fd55c0a
8 years ago
Swapnil Kulkarni 4e31ceecb4 Update ha guide kolla repo reference
Change-Id: Ie2f5a3b8e239cae13909cf70f8be44b05b19d431
8 years ago
Jenkins 0c5d6575ed Merge "Ansible multi-node specification" 8 years ago
Daneyon Hansen 2aebba26a4 Spec to Add Support for High Availability
Previously, a spec did not exist to define how Kolla will support
highly available OpenStack services.

Change-Id: I8fcc60f26d2cb98179be6b520c13abb22a372ecf
8 years ago
Steven Dake 626084d7f5 Ansible multi-node specification
This specification outlines some of the design goals and practices to
be used to implement an Ansible multi-node deployment tool.  The goals
of this work are simplicity, optimizing deployment time, and Operator

The long term objective is for Kolla to become the de-facto solution
for deploying OpenStack in containers.

Partially Implements: blueprint ansible-multi
Co-Authored-By: Sam Yaple <>

Change-Id: I8c5d8b7e69c4ed54624061428e2fbde6af6a1815
8 years ago
Steven Dake a87980e5c2 Remove EXPOSE options from Dockerfiles
The EXPOSE options will create a local docker-proxy.  This is
unnecessary with --net=host mode.  The docker-proxy adds about
20 microseconds of latency.  Add documentation to the specification
to indicate where to find the ports that are exposed by the
services in case someone were to desire to add EXPOSE back to
the Dockerfiles.

Change-Id: I398e922fe096d6022a2d5985bb92498f89a5ea31
8 years ago
Mitsuhiro SHIGEMATSU b3613dbae4 Fix typos in kolla/specs/containerize-openstack.rst
Change-Id: Ia21736dd43a4fe63fbf4567c96dd53b452594677
8 years ago
Jenkins 797960bf26 Merge "Split OpenStack controller and OpenStack API" 8 years ago
Steven Dake c4e56c0c15 Split OpenStack controller and OpenStack API
Permit different levels of horizontal scalability for API vs engine or
conductor processes.  Typically API may need different levels of scale
compared to the engine processes.

Change-Id: I2916fed7745bd9b0f67fda0abbb6d148315e5e00
8 years ago
Britt Houser 04f70c5d7b Revise OpenStack control container set
Added cinder and metadata

Change-Id: I42feae68a387dd5a9de97837f785d2672c320419
8 years ago
Britt Houser accd477cbe Revise HA Control container-set
Added keepalived to HA control container set

Change-Id: Ic209bc6ca55125a52d1974003104238bb9c4caa2
8 years ago
Britt Houser 2e5f23d726 Add network operation container sets
Added a container set for network operations

Change-Id: I625f0f03366b1d68f210a0bf92e58d5ceb6c568d
8 years ago
Britt Houser 9d72d99f86 Fixed nested lists in container spec
The container spec file had a couple places were nested
lists were used which didn't have the necessary blank
lines before and after.  As such, they didn not render
to HTML correctly.

Change-Id: I5d17644facdc25ec30db563c217367672529b8e1
8 years ago
Steven Dake ddc12789bc Containerize OpenStack based upon SPC and fig
This specification proposes using fig (being renamed to compose
soon) to provide single-node multi-container orchestration.  By
using this mechanism, a very simple Ansible Playbook could easily
deploy a single node in to a specific role type - such as a controller
node, a compute node, or a storage node.

This specification further proposes using super-privileged containers
to provide solutions for the upgrade and rollback use cases of an
OpenStack deployment.

Change-Id: I56ff1fdf8b19b47be97778b55ea947ebb43995c1
8 years ago