2 Commits (c366a5ca1799d5c85df60fdda21167806bcca6e6)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Mark Goddard 3590188383 CentOS 8: work around mod_ssl certificate issue 3 years ago
Mark Goddard 8484190e77 Refactor Apache httpd setup 3 years ago
Marcin Juszkiewicz 932f09bcd6 create missing apache2 directory on Debian/Ubuntu 3 years ago
Kien Nguyen cf2b2b55b6 Update Zaqar image 4 years ago
Dan Prince 4f9ee9f132 Add crane docker image 4 years ago
Honza Pokorny 9b950f1a9b Add tripleo-ui image 5 years ago
egonzalez90 45c54d7959 Fix if $user is root at extend_start 5 years ago
Martin André a2c0087b38 Add Apache packages to zaqar container 5 years ago
Eduardo Gonzalez 69e2e9fff1 Fix zaqar container 6 years ago
Josh Lothian 63d5e9b552 Drop root for Zaqar service 7 years ago
Sam Yaple 5f200e0446 Fix issue with su and bad kernels 7 years ago
Sam Yaple cb4e875ae1 Common start.sh 7 years ago
Sam Yaple 160f1cc011 remove set_configs 7 years ago
Sam Yaple cbd42ca6e9 Move docker_templates to docker dir 7 years ago
Steven Dake 5c82e0c90c Move scripts for zaqar to docker_templates 7 years ago
Swapnil Kulkarni 19136fd4c4 Add build from source and templating for Zaqar 7 years ago