17 Commits (c366a5ca1799d5c85df60fdda21167806bcca6e6)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Viktor Michalek 79d857f9e7 Custom CA certificates installation mechanism 3 years ago
Paul Bourke 755c4ed69e Enable xtrace on start scripts 5 years ago
Bertrand Lallau c71e8ba8ff Remove all Heka related remaining stuff 5 years ago
Martin André f9e634ca6b Move shebang customization into jinja2 block 5 years ago
Eduardo Gonzalez 8e98e5f15e Change source with dot at extend_start files 6 years ago
Jeffrey Zhang 6710bbeb7c Use dumb-init to manage the pid 1 process 6 years ago
Éric Lemoine 14dec25e54 Fix "wait for log socket" in start.sh 6 years ago
Éric Lemoine 0417844b8d Remove Rsyslog entirely 6 years ago
Angus Salkeld 2597bf8cfd Skip extend_start.sh if KOLLA_SKIP_EXTEND_START is defined 6 years ago
Éric Lemoine 916925c9a8 Add Heka to common role 6 years ago
SamYaple 690e6853de Move socket binding to named_volume 6 years ago
Wanlong Gao f2f269125d Fix container config files directory path 7 years ago
Steven Dake 6cf5928ff1 Base image changes for drop-root 7 years ago
Sam Yaple 94162bd08f Bring Kolla inline with FHS 7 years ago
Sam Yaple cb4e875ae1 Common start.sh 7 years ago