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Christian Berendt 861f55fbfd Add block labels to all Dockerfiles 3 years ago
Alex Schultz ae1322ec10 Use base_package_type 4 years ago
ZhongShengping 50dc394f49 Add support for installing binary packages for senlin 5 years ago
Jawon Choo 31259fa595 Override image's meta info. 5 years ago
Chen 8c463a47a9 Use LABEL instead of MAINTAINER (deprecated) in all Dockerfile.j2 6 years ago
Chao Guo 961224c6cf Use install-pip macro in most source images 6 years ago
Sam Yaple 58eee09c15 use static uid/gid in images 6 years ago
Jeffrey Zhang 6ef486fbff Remove footer block and variable in *-base images 6 years ago
Paul Bourke b41247c656 Add header blocks to all Dockerfiles 6 years ago
Eduardo Gonzalez 4d6840c2a5 Customizations for Senlin 6 years ago
Eduardo Gonzalez 1d399461ac Add Senlin Docker container 6 years ago