15 Commits (cdfa015dc97d4bc5bd4dc429e96d1981cfc8ea4b)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Dincer Celik cdfa015dc9 Follow up on RabbitMQ 3.8 upgrade 2 years ago
Dincer Celik f1f1d85459 Upgrade RabbitMQ to 3.8 2 years ago
Marcin Juszkiewicz d81e5f145b Use APT pinning to set preferred version of RabbitMQ 3 years ago
Marcin Juszkiewicz ca3d3e3689 base: drop not used apt preferences for Ubuntu 3 years ago
Radosław Piliszek de58339a0e Fix issues with Percona in Zuul and clean up a little bit 3 years ago
Marcin Juszkiewicz 3f2b3187f5 base: more strict pin of Ceph/Luminous for Ubuntu 3 years ago
Nick Jones 25de6deb4b
Introduce Percona XtraBackup image 4 years ago
Marcin Juszkiewicz 57c0b23b5e base: remove pinning of dh-python for ubuntu 4 years ago
Marcin Juszkiewicz 7826ba2984 ceph: stick to luminous on Ubuntu (in proper way) 4 years ago
Martin André 739c51392f Pin dh-python to earlier version to fix ubuntu gate 4 years ago
Jeffrey Zhang 2e77b1dcf3 Revert "Fix deployment of ceph" 5 years ago
Michal (inc0) Jastrzebski a0b60bff43 Fix deployment of ceph 5 years ago
Jeffrey Zhang 060b2053b8 Remove ceph repo for Ubuntu install 6 years ago
Christian Berendt 748eef065e Remove mesos artifacts 6 years ago
Benedikt Trefzer 30c805596f Use debian repos for debian base docker image 6 years ago
SamYaple 0bb766c129 Properly pin ceph 6 years ago
Michal Rostecki 85398707c2 Pin Mesos to 0.27.1 version 7 years ago
Michal Rostecki 7910044803 Pin specific version of Ceph 7 years ago