39 Commits (eff3e6b9c1b40cc9894a5eb3ea13f5dd7916abd4)

Author SHA1 Message Date
zhangboye 37de8cd8e9 Add py38 package metadata 1 year ago
Radosław Piliszek 6c480c3d89 Cleanup py27 support 1 year ago
Marcin Juszkiewicz ceae02f09d Get rid of Python 2 support 2 years ago
caoyuan 749df3ced3 setup.cfg: Cleanup 2 years ago
confi-surya b21b19105e Update programming language mentioned in setup.cfg 3 years ago
Michal Nasiadka a8eafa8034 Add contrib/ dir to setup.cfg 3 years ago
zhangbailin 3d9bcb93f4 Change openstack-dev to openstack-discuss 3 years ago
confi-surya 0f2c0d54b8 Following the new PTI for document build 4 years ago
chenxing 5493fb64e1 Rearrange existing documentation to fit the new standard layout 4 years ago
chenxing 7384f7eae5 Update the documentation link for doc migration 4 years ago
Eduardo Gonzalez 5289c6b428 Fix doc build warnings 4 years ago
chenlx 50f75729eb Use https links for documentation 4 years ago
indicoliteplus 044eb6b213 Remove py34 settings from gating 5 years ago
Paul Bourke 10e649a5f8 Remove kolla-genpwd from setup.cfg 5 years ago
Jeffrey Zhang 6b7a173a3b Remove tools/init-runonce in setup.cfg 5 years ago
Steven Dake 3fcef82946 Remove Ansible from Kolla 5 years ago
Paul Bourke d8fec8ec0a Clean up docs around local registry 5 years ago
Steven Dake d323d39b66 Set the license field in pip 5 years ago
Borne Mace 9685eca025 Added missing cleanup-images in setup.cfg 5 years ago
Lu lei df40ff8914 Fix Kolla home-page URL 5 years ago
Christian Berendt 18fb1b2412 Add "Programming Language :: Python :: 3" to setup config file 5 years ago
Yatin Kumbhare bcebc7cb47 Add Python 3.5 classifier and venv 5 years ago
Mauricio Lima 8588bd655e Add a role to cleanup containers after deployment 6 years ago
Steven Dake 801ef2e843 Add reno support 6 years ago
Steven Dake 31634c4df4 Add PBR generation of version information 6 years ago
SamYaple f03e06e09b Add generate_passwords.py to generate passwords 6 years ago
Éric Lemoine 645be62c5c Remove unexisting data_files in setup.cfg 6 years ago
Jeffrey Zhang 620d610eaa Generate the kolla-build.conf file using oslo_config 6 years ago
SamYaple 82fcf8fad0 Fix version in master 6 years ago
Proskurin Kirill 8b5afbf295 Add setup.cfg to kolla tools pip data dir 6 years ago
Steven Dake 418428a1ad Release version 1.0.0 6 years ago
Martin André 6c5aeeee41 Consolidate kolla-build configuration in one file 6 years ago
Martin André ad670bb30c Make kolla-build able to build source images 6 years ago
Steven Dake 233864ff32 Rename docs dir to doc for publishing 6 years ago
Sam Yaple cbd42ca6e9 Move docker_templates to docker dir 6 years ago
Kai Qiang Wu(Kennan) eae8903ae0 Add developer docs automatic produce support 6 years ago
Suhail Syed d3872aa9ee Make Kolla installable via PIP 6 years ago