Kolla provides production-ready containers and deployment tools for operating OpenStack clouds
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Kolla Overview

The Kolla project is part of the OpenStack TripleO effort, focused on deploying OpenStack services using Docker containers. The initial system spec provides additional details of Kolla and the use cases it addresses.

Getting Started

Deployment on bare metal is a complex topic which is beyond the scope of the project at this time. An environment to simplify the deployment of a single or multi-node Kolla cluster is required for development purposes. As a result, a Heat template has been created for deploying a Kolla cluster to an existing OpenStack cloud.

Docker Images

The Docker images are built by the Kolla project maintainers. A detailed process for contributing to the images can be found here. Images reside in the Docker Hub Kollaglue repo.

The Kolla developers build images in the kollaglue namespace for the following services:

  • Glance
  • Heat
  • Keystone
  • Mariadb
  • Nova
  • Rabbitmq
  • Neutron
  • Mongodb
  • Ceilometer
  • Horizon
  • Zaqar
  • Magnum
$ sudo docker search kollaglue

A list of the upstream built docker images will be shown.


  • docker - contains artifacts for use with docker build to build appropriate images
  • compose - contains the docker-compose files defining the container sets
  • tools - contains different tools for interacting with Kolla
  • devenv - A collection of tools and resources for managing a Kolla development environment.

Getting Involved

Need a feature? Find a bug? Let us know! Contributions are much appreciated and should follow the standard Gerrit workflow.

  • We communicate using the #kolla irc channel.
  • File bugs, blueprints, track releases, etc on Launchpad.
  • Attend weekly meetings.
  • Contribute code


Check out who's contributing.