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Ironic in Kolla


Currently Kolla can deploy the Ironic services:

  • ironic-api
  • ironic-conductor
  • ironic-inspector

As well as a required PXE service, deployed as ironic-pxe.

Current status

The Ironic implementation is "tech preview", so currently instances can only be deployed on baremetal. Further work will be done to allow scheduling for both virtualized and baremetal deployments.

Post-deployment configuration

Configuration based off upstream documentation.

Again, remember that enabling Ironic reconfigures nova compute (driver and scheduler) as well as changes neutron network settings. Further neutron setup is required as outlined below.

Create the flat network to launch the instances: :

neutron net-create --tenant-id $TENANT_ID sharednet1 --shared \
--provider:network_type flat --provider:physical_network physnet1

neutron subnet-create sharednet1 $NETWORK_CIDR --name $SUBNET_NAME \
--ip-version=4 --gateway=$GATEWAY_IP --allocation-pool \
start=$START_IP,end=$END_IP --enable-dhcp

And then the above ID is used to set cleaning_network_uuid in the neutron section of ironic.conf.