Kolla provides production-ready containers and deployment tools for operating OpenStack clouds
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Christian Berendt 28f5722e24 Reducing disk footprint for Ubuntu/Debian images 6 years ago
add-ceilometer-a4759f21564de7eb.yaml Add releasenotes for ceilometer 6 years ago
add-multipath-9ee29be1fcea6d94.yaml Add multipathing support to docker container 6 years ago
add-neutron-lbaas-dbb92dada9d34ceb.yaml Adds Neutron LBaaS Support 6 years ago
add-py35-f0ddb519029f5ee3.yaml Add Python 3.5 classifier and venv 6 years ago
add-reno-f5e9ff4d9ccfa785.yaml Add reno support 6 years ago
add-watcher-a97995ace827cf71.yaml Build docker images for OpenStack Watcher 6 years ago
ansible-tempest-44edbca4436f3c19.yaml implement Ansible Tempest role 6 years ago
dpkg-reducing-disk-footprint-2a6b0056d57bd1de.yaml Reducing disk footprint for Ubuntu/Debian images 6 years ago
pin-distro-version-4d835846a1ab5283.yaml Pin the base distro release version 6 years ago
support-ceilometer-in-cinder-4386a3e5d134d84f.yaml Enable Block Storage meters 6 years ago
support-disk-size-as-weight-in-ceph-9d6353f1d3f03199.yaml Use the disk size as the osd weight when osd_initial_weight is auto 6 years ago
support-ldap-e678ce5b0a7eaedb.yaml Support Keystone Domain specific files 6 years ago