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Zuul 90e38f23d4
Merge "Deprecate Sensu images"
3 years ago
Add-distro_python_version-variable-3688288558f4e586.yaml Tidy up release notes for Stein 8.0.0 release 4 years ago
Add-mod_ssl-to-images-2d2972c3cf794f65.yaml RHEL: Add mod_ssl for services running over httpd 6 years ago
Add-work-dir-command-line-option-dd83aa934d5c9e3e.yaml Add work-dir command-line option 6 years ago
MAINTAINER-to-LABEL-344044f33ccfa161.yaml Use LABEL instead of MAINTAINER (deprecated) in all Dockerfile.j2 6 years ago
add-aodh-a5de8a339f25c1a2.yaml Add aodh role 7 years ago
add-apache-storm-927c5318d91b5db3.yaml Add support for deploying Apache Storm 5 years ago
add-barbican-8f0636668001de73.yaml Add Barbican ansible role 7 years ago
add-blazar-dashboard-e201d1aeeccc0eaa.yaml Fix the pep8 warning 5 years ago
add-block-labels-d0927a1617ab13ec.yaml Add block labels to all Dockerfiles 3 years ago
add-ceilometer-a4759f21564de7eb.yaml Add releasenotes for ceilometer 7 years ago
add-ceilometer-agent-ipmi-container-aa498b90c3d2f326.yaml Add ceilometer agent ipmi docker file 6 years ago
add-ceph-disk-init-protection-5b38ce8f1502ff69.yaml Add a check before wiping Ceph disks in bootstrap 7 years ago
add-ceph-nfs-b64cfba4775589a0.yaml Add ceph-nfs container 5 years ago
add-certmonger-0bf3a37089c5c267.yaml Add certmonger container 6 years ago
add-cinder-vg-check-c70d9f79d8cfd09b.yaml Check volume group exists for Cinder in prechecks 7 years ago
add-cloudkitty-10eb09a96de60144.yaml Add cloudkitty ansible role 7 years ago
add-collectd-6e3387dfff75040a.yaml Ansible roles for collectd Container 7 years ago
add-congress-877644b4b0e2ed0a.yaml Verify YAML syntax in gates 5 years ago
add-congress-dashboard-e302d9aeecdc0eaa.yaml Fix yaml warning in release notes and enable yamllint strict mode 5 years ago
add-cyborg-images-cab2b3a24a071c38.yaml Tidy up release notes for Stein 8.0.0 release 4 years ago
add-debian_arch-variable-9559ac31809afaca.yaml Tidy up release notes for Stein 8.0.0 release 4 years ago
add-designate-c789e47f8ced394d.yaml Ansible-ize OpenStack Designate 6 years ago
add-designate-producer-1420e7c4744e9b09.yaml Add designate-producer container 5 years ago
add-dragonflow-da8ff734139c9de5.yaml Add dragonflow container 6 years ago
add-dumb-init-manage-root-process-e25a529b322d4fac.yaml Use dumb-init to manage the pid 1 process 7 years ago
add-ec2-api-e7d3e60173e8a3d8.yaml Add ec2-api image 6 years ago
add-elasticsearch-curator-88089d04f7ccd549.yaml Add Elasticsearch Curator Docker image 3 years ago
add-etcd3gw-to-ubuntu-binary-1aaf4b5e1ee670ee.yaml Install etcd3gw to fix Ubuntu binary tooz coordination 3 years ago
add-fernet-support-54ccb88b901d8d8b.yaml Add full support for fernet 7 years ago
add-freezer-74c9b538348cd62a.yaml Add freezer container 6 years ago
add-freezer-sceduler-b64cfba4666889a0.yaml Add freezer-scheduler container 5 years ago
add-gnocchi-94296c3ed6e979a8.yaml Add gnocchi ansible role 7 years ago
add-grafana-in-heka-6397498442c00670.yaml add grafana log in heka 7 years ago
add-hacluster-role-d10bc3918395ccdf.yaml Tidy up release notes for Train 3 years ago
add-header-blocks-9ac76254e5f5ab20.yaml Add header blocks to all Dockerfiles 7 years ago
add-heat-all-efdefb3189ec8403.yaml Add heat-all contaner release note 6 years ago
add-heat-api-cloudwatch-95259c920ba7d19e.yaml Add heat-api-cloudwatch image 6 years ago
add-kafka-26c9e54c934b1119.yaml Add kafka image 6 years ago
add-karbor-e6cfd97f965a4a9f.yaml Add karbor container 6 years ago
add-kubernetes-images-76f5a60e98d09eb7.yaml Fix add kubernetes image release note format 6 years ago
add-logstash-27da5de156efb943.yaml Add support for building Logstash 5 years ago
add-manila-api-httpd-packages-and-conf-1bea1364037cd64e.yaml Add support to deploy manila-api with Apache/wsgi 5 years ago
add-mistral-event-engine-053ebdfbd50e2e65.yaml Add mistral-event-engine image 6 years ago
add-monasca-3c60b3e44d3c4267.yaml Add monasca images 6 years ago
add-monasca-grafana-868f1dd95725a030.yaml Tidy up release notes for Stein 8.0.0 release 4 years ago
add-monasca-thresh-f3df34dee9eee562.yaml Add support for deploying Monasca Thresh 5 years ago
add-mtail-b806e87da3ae950d.yaml Tidy up release notes for Stein 8.0.0 release 4 years ago
add-multipath-9ee29be1fcea6d94.yaml Add multipathing support to docker container 7 years ago
add-mysql-ceilometer-backend-9ffdc4c0495fb801.yaml Allow mysql to be used as a database for Ceilometer 7 years ago
add-network-interface-checks-0e789f3f93cbdb09.yaml Add basic checking for network_interface to prechecks 7 years ago
add-networking-ansible-b27128f544f300e6.yaml Install networking-ansible ML2 driver in neutron base images 5 years ago
add-networking-baremtal-ed44e0fc04371eb8.yaml Add networking-baremetal 5 years ago
add-networking-mlnx-to-neutron-base-2c39f761dbf8fa7d.yaml Add Networking-MLNX to Neutron-Base packages 3 years ago
add-networking-sfc-62ae433ed7aa4e33.yaml Add Networking-SFC role 7 years ago
add-neutron-bgp-dragent-c831d5ec9a130937.yaml Add neutron-bgp-dragent service. 6 years ago
add-neutron-dvr-f1b3541e22c0fbc3.yaml Allow Neutron to be run in DVR mode 7 years ago
add-neutron-ipam-driver-infoblox-0cee3c06f359c5e4.yaml Add support for Infoblox IPAM agent 5 years ago
add-neutron-lbaas-dbb92dada9d34ceb.yaml Adds Neutron LBaaS Support 7 years ago
add-neutron-mlnx-agent-b77a4ad9ba3beaae.yaml Added Neutron Mellanox agent image 3 years ago
add-neutron-server-opendaylight-bf8407e0b91059c4.yaml Adds opendaylight specific neutron-server container 6 years ago
add-neutron-server-ovn-5728bbd35b08083e.yaml Add OVN specific neutron-server container 6 years ago
add-neutron-vpnaas-88e0780326100e36.yaml Fix typo 6 years ago
add-novajoin-9e8ae602b29335b7.yaml Add images for novajoin services 6 years ago
add-octavia-dashboard-e2b1d1aeebcc0eba.yaml Add octavia-dashboard to horizon image 5 years ago
add-opendaylight-fee2807442ce3c6d.yaml Add OpenDaylight Container to kolla 6 years ago
add-openssh-clients-to-ironic-conductor-7275bd65dfe238a6.yaml Add ssh clients to Ironic Conductor container 3 years ago
add-openvswitch-ovn-2855384c9720161e.yaml Support OVN docker images 6 years ago
add-panko-dockerfile-ff69a745aca3ec15.yaml add panko dockerfile 6 years ago
add-ptp-service-image-3fb4eadeeeda3aa0.yaml Add ptp service docker image 5 years ago
add-py35-f0ddb519029f5ee3.yaml Add Python 3.5 classifier and venv 7 years ago
add-python3-systemd-for-ironic-source-9a6883496e101da9.yaml Adds python3-systemd for ansible deploy interface 3 years ago
add-qdrouterd-4676f6cad921a3f8.yaml Add qdrouterd container 6 years ago
add-qinling-618886c3375eea4a.yaml Add Qinling containers 4 years ago
add-quiet-mode-4f386acd4bc043a5.yaml Add '--quiet' switch 3 years ago
add-radvd-dockerfile-64668525dae7ead8.yaml Create radvd container 5 years ago
add-rally-c6d1468accfb1da6.yaml Implement Ansible rally role 7 years ago
add-reno-f5e9ff4d9ccfa785.yaml Add reno support 7 years ago
add-sahara-f2be7bf79935792e.yaml Add sahara ansible role 7 years ago
add-sensu-a763a155649e068d.yaml Add sensu images 5 years ago
add-skydive-52c3fb964fe6cc1b.yaml Add skydive service 6 years ago
add-solum-aa448921b2b58989.yaml Add solum container 6 years ago
add-tacker-dockerfile-3388429491d80239.yaml Add miss kolla releasenotes 6 years ago
add-tarballs-base-parameter-c1ddfa6de5dfd622.yaml Add tarballs-base parameter for kolla-build 6 years ago
add-tripleo-ui-image-6a17f9a31894d908.yaml Add tripleo-ui image 6 years ago
add-tripleoclient-image-0341fb72fe27ba14.yaml Tidy up release notes for Stein 8.0.0 release 4 years ago
add-use-dumb-init-config-option-26b47f6d97d7585c.yaml Add config option use_dumb_init to add it to container images 4 years ago
add-vmtp-7d6aef3125a38dbe.yaml Add support for building vmtp container 7 years ago
add-watcher-a97995ace827cf71.yaml Verify YAML syntax in gates 5 years ago
add-zookeeper-2454cdfbfa7047b4.yaml Add zookeeper image 6 years ago
add-zun-dockerfile-fb604877dc9c15fe.yaml Add miss kolla releasenotes 6 years ago
additional-docker-dir-7121c33da7eec160.yaml enable the kolla build system to use out of tree docker files 6 years ago
allow_setting_group_in_config_files-cef8580912854741.yaml Allow setting copied files group more precisely 6 years ago
almanach-images-f0a9a424ac3fe7cd.yaml Implement Almanach Docker images 5 years ago
ansible-tempest-44edbca4436f3c19.yaml implement Ansible Tempest role 7 years ago
apache-image-serve-89942346ff89f767.yaml Deprecate crane image 4 years ago
base-package-type-bf53d8d63611b5ac.yaml Tidy up release notes for Stein 8.0.0 release 4 years ago
base-unified-07fe64b8cbbdab9a.yaml base: unify CentOS packages list 3 years ago
bifrost-f080de99005ad38e.yaml add deploy-servers command 7 years ago
blazar-images-c54435b3bd5b0425.yaml Implement blazar Docker images 6 years ago
bp-support-network-ha-1a771d735a268219.yaml Add option to support dhcp/l3 agent ha 7 years ago
bug-1814552-a037354969dcf7e5.yaml Fix renos 3 years ago
bug-1859047-d41762357da8ae0b.yaml Fix renos 3 years ago
build-skip-parents-102a82736935f027.yaml Allow the use of previously built parent images 6 years ago
cadf-notifications-6c102c16090688d5.yaml Enable CADF events in Keystone and introduce enable_cadf_notifications 7 years ago
ceph-jewel-33caab815946cb4c.yaml Change ceph version to Jewel 7 years ago
clean_package_cache-fa08d1808a2f2b49.yaml Tidy up release notes for Stein 8.0.0 release 4 years ago
cloudkitty-docker-fb6b3d7e006a0697.yaml Add cloudkitty containers for type source 7 years ago
collectd-pmu-6aeae4759b8a1563.yaml Add collectd-pmu package for Intel PMU (C7 only) 3 years ago
config_files_new_options-0267e1ab804335ba.yaml Introduce merge and preserve_properties for config_files 6 years ago
configurable-horizon-sessions-1dd22eae714a7001.yaml Allow use of database for Horizon sessions 7 years ago
congress-broken-cbf8ca59d90a85cb.yaml Verify YAML syntax in gates 5 years ago
custom-policies-5a9bb2b59d19b484.yaml Custom policy files 7 years ago
customise-toolbox-pip-e574c422afae0d93.yaml Allow operators to customise pip in kolla-toolbox 7 years ago
debian-buster-7bd8be7ec4ce0d13.yaml Tidy up release notes for Stein 8.0.0 release 4 years ago
debian-ceph-nautilus-83fe26e66874045f.yaml Debian: enable backports repo 3 years ago
debian-stretch-38cadd54fc895f20.yaml releasenotes: note Debian related changes 6 years ago
deprecate-almanach-0ca0c9bb8522119a.yaml Tidy up release notes for Train 3 years ago
deprecate-ceilometer-api-71e5c7b01a3aad6c.yaml Remove the ceilometer api dockerfile 5 years ago
deprecate-dind-9ed17229d2c3137b.yaml Tidy up release notes for Train 3 years ago
deprecate-dragonflow-0404a4a1aa5a6644.yaml Tidy up release notes for Train 3 years ago
deprecate-fedora-97f8f963a410eb44.yaml Deprecate Fedora based Docker images 7 years ago
deprecate-kubernetes-dbabf9f86c15a0ee.yaml Tidy up release notes for Train 3 years ago
deprecate-mongodb-88636154e07cd31c.yaml Deprecate MongoDB 3 years ago
deprecate-neutron-fwaas-cb5eb042824aad28.yaml Deprecate neutron-fwaas and neutron-fwaas-dashboard 3 years ago
deprecate-neutron-server-ovn-8aee98fc5923e886.yaml Add OVN bits to neutron-base 3 years ago
deprecate-neutron-sfc-agent-94445b4e140236a9.yaml Deprecate neutron-sfc-agent image 6 years ago
deprecate-nova-network-76e5c7b61a3add5b.yaml Deprecate nova-network container 7 years ago
deprecate-opendaylight-58b3e9dbdc359688.yaml Deprecate OpenDaylight 3 years ago
deprecate-sensu-5bc4562c902d7fbf.yaml Deprecate Sensu images 3 years ago
deprecate-tgtd-scsi-target-utils-3ee002b832382f14.yaml Remove tgtd and scsi-target-utils support in CentOS/RHEL 8 3 years ago
deprecated-include-header-and-footer-71f16045920b0100.yaml Mark include-footer and include-header deprecated for removal 7 years ago
distro-package-manager-49634f537be63036.yaml Tidy up release notes for Stein 8.0.0 release 4 years ago
do-not-load-modules-9b651e40d3479c39.yaml Tidy up release notes for Stein 8.0.0 release 4 years ago
docker-build-nopull-base-a860d046b9059cfc.yaml Not to pull the base images when building. 6 years ago
dockerfile-customizations-26981ebefe3b710b.yaml Update the documentation link for doc migration 6 years ago
dpkg-reducing-disk-footprint-2a6b0056d57bd1de.yaml Reducing disk footprint for Ubuntu/Debian images 7 years ago
drop-py27-a16f4712ac89e3a9.yaml Get rid of Python 2 support 3 years ago
drop-xtrabackup-e58a97b617ff708c.yaml Tidy up release notes for Train 3 years ago
elasticsearch-upgrade-5.X-df217e3742b8b94a.yaml Update elasticsearch and kibana version to 5.x 5 years ago
enable-nova-microversion-b445f22548b41c2a.yaml Enable the nova microversion api 7 years ago
enable-repos-when-needed-3beac8e1e24ea8eb.yaml releasenotes: fix file location 3 years ago
etcd-docker-ansible-51baaa1322a0c5a8.yaml Add etcd ansible role 7 years ago
etcd-dockerfile-69b8bfc1df4bb2ab.yaml Add etcd container 7 years ago
fix-cinder-endpoints-urls-22746b1524accbbf.yaml Fix the url of Cinder endpoints 7 years ago
fix-keystone-bootstrap-unprintable-e01b088ef821fd18.yaml Fix keystone bootstrap error message display 3 years ago
fix-kolla-toolbox-venv-customisation-dc66f7bc621908a8.yaml Fix kolla_toolbox_pip_virtualenv_packages override 3 years ago
get_pip-macro-906a78462b216049.yaml Tidy up release notes for Stein 8.0.0 release 4 years ago
heka-deprecation-d53e757470b3f7b4.yaml Heka deprecation 7 years ago
implement-glance-zero-downtime-upgrade-2825a2c76315d23d.yaml Apply Glance database migration 5 years ago
implement-keystone-zero-downtime-upgrade-2a082ad24b26751d.yaml Implement Keystone zero-downtime upgrade 6 years ago
implement-mongo-replicate-set-cluster-0d3f140f7116c3ba.yaml Implement mongodb replication set cluster 7 years ago
import-murano-core-library-86f00abaa21cfb94.yaml Fix typo error 6 years ago
install_sensu_from_centos_opstools-99d64edb91526fc7.yaml Install sensu from centos-opstools 5 years ago
integrate-gnocchi-cloudkitty-4b2fcfe8ce9d520e.yaml integrate gnocchi with cloudkitty 7 years ago
integrate-gnocchi-with-ceph-a6d5f81f4d8b0391.yaml Fix a typo in releasenotes 6 years ago
ironic_syslinux-70eac225d227dc2e.yaml syslinux package is only built for x86_64 5 years ago
kibana-4-6-7765f556efba2724.yaml Bump version of Kibana from 4.4 to 4.6 7 years ago
kolla-ceph-bluestore-a30ce85948d28427.yaml Allow Kolla Ceph to deploy bluestore OSDs in Kolla 5 years ago
kolla-host-584270e3aee6dfd6.yaml Fix spelling mistake in kolla-host release note 7 years ago
kolla_build_skip_existing-92aebdd858a0bfa5.yaml Add new --skip-existing option to kolla-build 6 years ago
kubernetes-for-arm64-b149983c7e11ab60.yaml kubernetes: get it working on AArch64 as well 5 years ago
kuryr-libnetwork-1e6ab1916a8a0d10.yaml Add Kuryr ansible role 7 years ago
make_init_system_configurable-0ee16808b6e90954.yaml Move shebang customization into jinja2 block 6 years ago
mariadb-dumb-init-b23949398fd44021.yaml Tidy up release notes for Stein 8.0.0 release 4 years ago
masakari-a047b0387a474186.yaml Tidy up release notes for Train 3 years ago
mistral-fix-wrong-service-type-72ff772fc7cf0b82.yaml Fix service_type of mistral endpoint 7 years ago
monitoring-ad566513454614db.yaml add reno note monitoring 7 years ago
more-flexible-image-skipping-8e1320ed78976026.yaml Tidy up release notes for Train 3 years ago
move-manila-share-to-network-node-57c61e757c5b96b2.yaml Move manila-share service to network node 6 years ago
multiple-physical-networks-f2de7444f7e2d145.yaml Allow operators to provision multiple physical networks 7 years ago
netcontrold-24c9d6602f84e819.yaml Provision building netcontrold container 3 years ago
network_mode-build-configuration-5e7c15b84dae9199.yaml Add network_mode for image building 5 years ago
neutron-sriov-agent-4dae576ca279ef87.yaml Add Neutron SR-IOV agent image 6 years ago
new-kolla-options-e8e32357786e8454.yaml Add new option to enable unbuildable images 3 years ago
new_networking_ovn_metadata_agent_kolla_image-6f87ef59cf62cb8f.yaml Add Dockerfile for networking-ovn-metadata-agent 5 years ago
non-x86-support-bce168d78db50202.yaml fix typo 5 years ago
nova-plugins-f3ceab61b19d008a.yaml Allow nova plugins install, add blazar plugin 6 years ago
performance-monitoring-experimental-f9ceaacd4d5cb71a.yaml Mark performance monitoring stack experimental 7 years ago
pin-distro-version-4d835846a1ab5283.yaml Pin the base distro release version 7 years ago
ppc64le_delorean_deps-cde2e1a5dc03699e.yaml ppc64le is built in delorean-deps.repo 5 years ago
prefer_headless_jre-005b5a6f17673e33.yaml Switch to headless jre 5 years ago
prometheus-alertmanager-3dbe1b8ee3b312ee.yaml Add prometheus-alertmanager image. 5 years ago
prometheus-cadvisor-05906b0894651a29.yaml Add cAdvisor image for Prometheus monitoring. 5 years ago
prometheus-containers-1599a6417cc6a264.yaml Add prometheus and related containers 6 years ago
prometheus-memcached-exporter-3ca7f701a5069509.yaml Add prometheus-memcached-exporter image. 5 years ago
rabbit-3.6.2-accdb2d3ecd493cc.yaml Use delorean rabbitmq 7 years ago
rally-manage-fix-8c98a0beb6dae50e.yaml Fixes rally db commands 3 years ago
redis-container-810eec9915d426d8.yaml Add redis container 6 years ago
redis-sentinel-container-defa09d0ac420f64.yaml Add Redis Sentinel 6 years ago
remove-ceilometer-collector-image-c5d1c4b6463b2ecd.yaml Remove ceilometer-collector image 5 years ago
remove-ceph-afff3cd8775e3a41.yaml Remove kolla Ceph container images 3 years ago
remove-crane-ad12c12b633d4d73.yaml Remove crane image 4 years ago
remove-deprecated-images-ussuri-28547f7179202a9d.yaml Remove deprecated images 3 years ago
remove-fedora-44af79f3e061e8d6.yaml Fix spelling mistake in remove-fedora release note 6 years ago
remove-heat-cloudwatch-api-c71e9deafffdb3e7.yaml Remove heat-api-cloudwatch image 5 years ago
remove-include-header-footer-parameters-68a6374635a8c9b0.yaml Remove --include-header and --include-footer parameter 6 years ago
remove-kolla-keystone-modules-21f9034dd3a2aedb.yaml Remove kolla_keystone_* modules from kolla-toolbox 3 years ago
remove-neutron-sfc-agent-181ec5dbc52ac1da.yaml Tidy up release notes for Stein 8.0.0 release 4 years ago
remove-neutron-vpnaas-agent-216810affb495ad0.yaml Migrate neutron-vpnaas-agent to neutron-l3-agent 5 years ago
remove-nova-consoleauth-caf1c027b6403dc1.yaml Remove nova-consoleauth 4 years ago
remove-nova-network-container-69f8c0b61b3aed5a.yaml Verify YAML syntax in gates 5 years ago
remove-nova-placement-75124fd8290a2634.yaml Add upgrade note for nova-placement-api removal 4 years ago
remove-oraclelinux-support-109ce54b1952ec3a.yaml Remove support for OracleLinux 4 years ago
remove-tripleo-ui-855da0b4f4c73385.yaml Tidy up release notes for Train 3 years ago
remove-vitrage-collector-ed76366b9bb6e8e8.yaml Tidy up release notes for Stein 8.0.0 release 4 years ago
retire-neutron-lbaas-4441ce36928fc375.yaml Tidy up release notes for Train 3 years ago
rhel-python3-support-1078f829dc42c4d6.yaml Tidy up release notes for Stein 8.0.0 release 4 years ago
rsyslog-13d5798163953322.yaml Add rsyslog image 6 years ago
sahara-split-plugins-66e31717b7c24472.yaml Tidy up release notes for Stein 8.0.0 release 4 years ago
senlin-container-e1ae6aa932097e51.yaml Add Senlin Ansible role 7 years ago
sensu-client-image-45cb9c4573cd22fe.yaml Sensu images 6 years ago
skip_rpm_doc_install-887dc22312c787a2.yaml Skip the install of documentation files from rpm 5 years ago
skydive-remove-58bbea2626c59aea.yaml skydive: mark as unbuildable on !x86 3 years ago
split-placement-from-nova-27b7ea2359c2d3ae.yaml Tidy up release notes for Stein 8.0.0 release 4 years ago
static-uid-gid-b90800f2947e656d.yaml use static uid/gid in images 6 years ago
stein-prelude-92e47ccd60c76325.yaml Tidy up release notes for Stein 8.0.0 release 4 years ago
support-ceilometer-in-cinder-4386a3e5d134d84f.yaml Enable Block Storage meters 7 years ago
support-disk-size-as-weight-in-ceph-9d6353f1d3f03199.yaml Use the disk size as the osd weight when osd_initial_weight is auto 7 years ago
support-docker-image-squash-8396c0de63085f5d.yaml Support squash docker images layers 5 years ago
support-ipxe-chainload-273d55741a83a2a7.yaml copy iPXE NBP to /tftpboot during PXE bootstrap 5 years ago
support-ldap-e678ce5b0a7eaedb.yaml Support Keystone Domain specific files 7 years ago
support-posting-to-monasca-api-from-fluentd-1b653db78a8644e7.yaml Build and install Fluentd Monasca plugin 5 years ago
swift-object-expirer-fix-b837de80cea4fb8e.yaml Fixes swift-object-expirer for Debian and Ubuntu binary images. 3 years ago
tacker-conductor-246d23f8c4a97de0.yaml Implement tacker-conductor image, rework all tacker 6 years ago
tacker-networking-sfc-138b9fedd09b8728.yaml Add networking-sfc package to tacker images 5 years ago
tacker-rpm-binary-137dc2771bdfc5d3.yaml Add tacker binary for rpm based distros 6 years ago
templete-override-files-c7489543d92d1811.yaml add template-override subdirectory to contrib and doc 6 years ago
train-prelude-2420ae1363bd92bc.yaml Add prelude for Train 9.0.0 release 3 years ago
ubuntu-sources.list-change-65bb0f936b0ec95b.yaml Support non-x86 architectures (aarch64, ppc64le) 6 years ago
ubuntu-upstream-mariadb-34ce8106811a1f75.yaml Move to MariaDB upstream repo and new version (10.3) on Ubuntu 4 years ago
ubuntu-uses-mirrors-now-0858d579944eea48.yaml Ubuntu: use local APT mirrors if possible 3 years ago
unicode-locale-018fe01eaccc556d.yaml base: use en_US.UTF-8 locale on all distros 3 years ago
unmount-ceph-osds-43b7b59685bff5b4.yaml Unmount Ceph OSD disks as part of destroy 6 years ago
update-zaqar-images-95a5909b48893698.yaml Tidy up release notes for Stein 8.0.0 release 4 years ago
update_rpm_security_fixes-f99a3fa509cb5b3b.yaml Update base image with latest security fixes 5 years ago
upgade-to-ubuntu-xenial-93e68d2330e9bd84.yaml Pin to Ubuntu 16.04 7 years ago
upgrade-ceph-luminous-415581032d25699e.yaml Bump to ceph luminous 5 years ago
upgrade-influxdb-for-monasca-202f3cf22ff8597e.yaml Upgrade Monasca to InfluxDB 1.7 4 years ago
upgrade-kafka-c52e0ad07e11b69d.yaml Upgrade Kafka to 2.0.1 release 3 years ago
upgrade-ubuntu-base-image-to-bionic-eb0d421014ed48ac.yaml Bump Ubuntu base image to 18.04 5 years ago
upgrage-to-mariadb-10.3.10-for-redhat-family-93df8bf63da25659.yaml Tidy up release notes for Stein 8.0.0 release 4 years ago
use-barbican-with-httpd-d6d7599c07315e32.yaml Add httpd to the Barbican API image 6 years ago
use-upstream-dumb-init-032708cd3ad5792f.yaml base: use upstream dumb-init on all architectures 3 years ago
vagrant-dev-env-moved-8328674713020dda.yaml Remove dead code related to the Vagrant dev environment 6 years ago
vitrage-containers-3bfb360357aa628b.yaml Add vitrage images 6 years ago
yum_conf-36fef802e8c003f1.yaml Permit changing yum configuration in the base image 6 years ago