Kolla provides production-ready containers and deployment tools for operating OpenStack clouds
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# Bootstrap and exit if KOLLA_BOOTSTRAP variable is set. This catches all cases
# of the KOLLA_BOOTSTRAP variable being set, including empty.
if [[ "${!KOLLA_BOOTSTRAP[@]}" ]]; then
heat-manage db_sync
EXISTING_DOMAINS=$(openstack domain list -f value -c Name)
if ! echo "$EXISTING_DOMAINS" | grep '^heat_user_domain$' &>/dev/null; then
openstack domain create heat_user_domain
openstack user create --domain heat_user_domain heat_domain_admin --password ${HEAT_DOMAIN_ADMIN_PASSWORD}
openstack role add --domain heat_user_domain --user-domain heat_user_domain --user heat_domain_admin admin
exit 0