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  Michał Dulko ddfa9e6cca Update upper-constraints references in Dockerfile 1 week ago
  Michał Dulko 45be6d622e Update Python 3 containers to Fedora 30 1 week ago
  Ilya Maximets 685f4c456a Add PodResources service client 2 months ago
  Michał Dulko da76fb1f5c Update Python 3 containers to use Fedora 29 4 months ago
  Michał Dulko 8b76509514 Clean up Dockerfiles and how we build them 6 months ago
  Antoni Segura Puimedon e20dcadb1f Add support for python3 containerized kuryr-kubernetes 9 months ago
  Daniel Mellado 7e52b9ef3f Fix container image creation. 1 year ago
  Daniel Mellado 2ed3923a0a Apply UC to Dockerfiles 1 year ago
  Michał Dulko ca3bbd432b Modify maintainers of Dockerfiles 1 year ago
  Michał Dulko 206c158d37 Execute kuryr-cni as `docker exec` 1 year ago
  Michał Dulko 898abb4a75 Deprecate running kuryr-k8s without kuryr-daemon 1 year ago
  Michał Dulko fce174b7f9 Create lockfiles directory in CNI Dockerfile 1 year ago
  Michał Dulko 78102c9984 Use virtualenv to build kuryr-cni Docker image 1 year ago
  Michał Dulko 18db649943 Support kuryr-daemon when running containerized 1 year ago
  Michał Dulko eb428c1170 Clean up ENV vars mistmatches in Dockerfiles 1 year ago
  Antoni Segura Puimedon 460cab6a99 CNI container: parametrize and clean up 1 year ago
  vikaschoudhary16 632d32be89 Add support to install Kuryr as a network addon 2 years ago