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  Alexey Perevalov c8a87bf2fd Use non local port for CNI Daemon 4 weeks ago
  Maysa Macedo 3a5e0ed7ea Add Network Policy devref Spec 2 weeks ago
  Maysa Macedo 35ae428504 Ensure NP Security Group is update on pod events 2 months ago
  TitanLi e897c480b4 Change openstack security group rule create CLI 2 weeks ago
  YI-JIE,SYU e46b74be5d Update octavia CLI to openstack CLI 2 weeks ago
  Luis Tomas Bolivar 3f9c80e6e6 Populate pools upon namespace creation 1 month ago
  Ilya Maximets d5a1df36dd Fix sphinx requirements due to dropped 2.7 support 1 month ago
  Danil Golov 14a685d9e1 Update sriov neutron ports with pci info 3 months ago
  Alexey Perevalov 3791b84069 Support sriovdp arbitrary resource names 4 months ago
  Michał Dulko 8006da06c6 Fix pod creation diagram in devref 1 month ago
  Michał Dulko 69a02f654c NP: Create allow-all SG and add it to pod SG's 2 months ago
  Luis Tomas Bolivar 05795f8873 Update documentation about NP handlers needed 3 months ago
  Luis Tomas Bolivar 6c0730fda4 Skip exception in case kuryrnetpolicy CRD is already deleted 4 months ago
  ashish.billore d4b31ae944 Update HA doc with corections and minor fixes 4 months ago
  Michał Dulko 3e3ed9dbb3 Remove way of running without kuryr-daemon 5 months ago
  Yash Gupta b0dfd35d76 Use same pool_driver for different pod_vif_drivers 9 months ago
  Maysa Macedo d490b08cb7 Fix Network Policy documentation 5 months ago
  Daniel Mellado 90ff84013d Fix some misspellings within Kuryr-Kubernetes 5 months ago
  Michał Dulko 8b76509514 Clean up Dockerfiles and how we build them 6 months ago
  Danil Golov 90eced9aa3 Introduce test case document for SRIOV functionality 9 months ago
  Luis Tomas Bolivar 96e314b0a9 Ensure pod relabeling is supported by the Network Policy 7 months ago
  Daniel Mellado 364bfa1bc5 devstack: Update Kubernetes to 1.13.0 6 months ago
  Luis Tomas Bolivar 543b8a2e05 Add namespaceSelector support for NetworkPolicies 6 months ago
  Daniel Mellado 6dfd4067f5 Add security groups driver for NP 8 months ago
  Daniel Mellado 76db817fb5 Support network policy update 8 months ago
  Daniel Mellado aa5ec451f7 Rename kuryr-status to kuryr-k8s-status 7 months ago
  zhouxinyong 66757cfb03 Delete duplicate words in network_policy.rst 7 months ago
  Alexey Perevalov 3ec212a693 Link to public document instead of private 7 months ago
  zhouxinyong 237c773a95 Update the HTTP links to HTTPS in manual.rstl. 7 months ago
  zhouxinyong 282564e49b Omit the twice occured words in npwg_spec_support.rst 7 months ago
  Yossi Boaron 4595eecf26 Trivial fix for network namespace doc 7 months ago
  Alexey Perevalov a25da709b9 Use /var/run instead of /var/run/openvswitch 9 months ago
  Yossi Boaron 381e3ca73f Howto document for UDP services 8 months ago
  maysa macedo 3d1a37f7b8 Add missing documentation for nested deployment 8 months ago
  Michał Dulko 5358702c26 Add kuryr-status utility for upgrade-checkers 8 months ago
  Antoni Segura Puimedon d968c43119 devstack: Add compatibility for newer k8s 8 months ago
  Daniel Mellado 0e95704e3d Translate security group rules. 10 months ago
  Alexey Perevalov 0dd1e05894 Add HOWTO for SRIOV use case 10 months ago
  Alexey Perevalov e4306656a2 Spec for vhost-user port type 1 year ago
  Antoni Segura Puimedon e20dcadb1f Add support for python3 containerized kuryr-kubernetes 9 months ago
  ashish.billore 1d5364aed2 Health Manager details update 9 months ago
  Daniel Mellado 4465c2062a Implement NP SG create/delete actions 11 months ago
  Peng Liu be677766cd Fix typo and indents in document 9 months ago
  Peng Liu babc761aed Add NPWG Multi-VIF driver option in devstack 10 months ago
  Peng Liu 70ee5ad132 Implement NPWG multi-vif driver 11 months ago
  Luis Tomas Bolivar 66fb9d18df Add namespace isolation for services 11 months ago
  Luis Tomas Bolivar f02b2e99e9 Ensure isolation between namespaces 11 months ago
  Peng Liu aaeb4f4687 Implement multi-vif driver 1 year ago
  Peng Liu f98b182cb6 Network Custom Resource Definition De-facto Standard support 1 year ago
  Alexey Perevalov 607a249e10 Proceed CNI output in format of version 0.3.1 11 months ago