9 Commits (31b96f3ecc8f3751251206e341beca74f98dab6f)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Roman Dobosz 31b96f3ecc Adapt selfLink calculation for KuryrPort CRD objects. 5 months ago
  Tabitha 7e4517087e Support for bulk port tagging extension 6 months ago
  Roman Dobosz 3a02832614 Resolve issues with object races. 6 months ago
  Roman Dobosz 98c78b75bb Guard against manually removing of KuryrPort CRD. 9 months ago
  Roman Dobosz c7fd31951b Remove right finalizer on pod absence. 9 months ago
  Roman Dobosz ebf55415b6 Cleanup minor thing for KuryrPort feature. 10 months ago
  Roman Dobosz 1aa6753d80 Move vifs to 'status' in the KuryrPort CRD. 10 months ago
  Roman Dobosz a458fa6894 Pod annotations to KuryrPort CRD. 12 months ago