692 Commits (b38f0584a0f5ff1ffc10a15077a483d4194c32b2)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Roman Dobosz b38f0584a0 Adapt selfLink calculation for KuryrNet CRD objects. 6 months ago
  Roman Dobosz 4fe32c846c Adapt selfLink calculation for KuryrNetwork CRD objects. 6 months ago
  Roman Dobosz 96f46f5618 Adapt selfLink calculation for KuryrNetworkPolicy CRD objects. 6 months ago
  Roman Dobosz 7c790aa7f2 Adapt selfLink calculation for KuryrNetPolicy CRD objects. 6 months ago
  Roman Dobosz 3bd82fe69f Adapt selfLink calculation for KuryrLoadBalancer CRD objects. 6 months ago
  Roman Dobosz 31b96f3ecc Adapt selfLink calculation for KuryrPort CRD objects. 6 months ago
  Roman Dobosz b521fee8cb Adapt selfLink calculation for Pod objects. 6 months ago
  Tabitha Fasoyin c3e66123a5 K8S Services: add support for SCTP 6 months ago
  Michał Dulko d650962e84 Skip unscheduled pods when handling NP creation 6 months ago
  Tabitha 7e4517087e Support for bulk port tagging extension 7 months ago
  zhufl 6634be03a7 Fix the invalid arguments formatting in exception messages 7 months ago
  Maysa Macedo 27876a586f Add support to Endpoints without targetRef 8 months ago
  Luis Tomas Bolivar 885710a1bf Ensure members are deleted from pools when there is no endpoints 7 months ago
  Roman Dobosz 3a02832614 Resolve issues with object races. 8 months ago
  Maysa Macedo 525dc1521d Ensure egress NP works with Service without selectors 9 months ago
  Michał Dulko dce5939c24 Skip unscheduled pods when deleting NPs 7 months ago
  Michał Dulko 4bfe85db0b Handle None or {} labels in match_selector() 7 months ago
  Roman Dobosz cae194972a Fix SG rules to be created twice for the services. 12 months ago
  Roman Dobosz d26133a02d Fix restoring listener in case of removing NP. 9 months ago
  Maysa Macedo 17f99a7178 Allow to config network MTU 8 months ago
  liujinxin dbec1a0b3f Logging level should be lowered 8 months ago
  Kafilat Adeleke ba12753374 Removes generate_lbaas_port_specs method 8 months ago
  Michał Dulko 2296c8fbf2 Delete ports created for host networking pods 8 months ago
  liujinxin 402df1e8e1 Fix is_host_network() 9 months ago
  Luis Tomas Bolivar 3fb319429d Add protection from unexpected issues 9 months ago
  Maysa Macedo 153a16e80f Ensure LB member is updated if a conflict happens 9 months ago
  Luis Tomas Bolivar 1c4a750867 Ensure only kuryr ports are cleaned up 9 months ago
  Maysa Macedo cd5a2ee84c Skip update of vip sg if lb is gone 9 months ago
  scavnicka df53e145de Ensure klb handler reacretes lb 10 months ago
  Maysa Macedo 5b2c399da8 Clean up unused methods and not needed interactions to k8s API. 9 months ago
  Roman Dobosz ab374e5dfb Don't crash on fetching network policy. 9 months ago
  Luis Tomas Bolivar bee7718a48 Cleanup ports belonging to deleted nodes 9 months ago
  Roman Dobosz 07ca7736f3 Don't clutter logs with exceptions on retry. 9 months ago
  scavnicka aa02a4b412 Leaks of loadbalancer 10 months ago
  Maysa Macedo 1cee7459fe Skip KuryrLoadbalancer creation for Headless Service 9 months ago
  Maysa Macedo 7894021931 Clean lb crd status upon Load Balancer removal 10 months ago
  Michał Dulko 9743f6b3c9 Civilize logging vol 2 10 months ago
  Maysa Macedo 6a5f654739 Ensure updated lb sgs is used on the CRD 10 months ago
  Roman Dobosz f2e3ffb585 Catch exceptions for deleted pod. 10 months ago
  Michał Dulko 561f384789 NP: Protect from disappearing resources 10 months ago
  Michał Dulko 41c00f6584 Delete ports without device_owner on ns deletion 10 months ago
  Maysa Macedo 46723c5751 Skip FIP creation if no external subnet config is set 10 months ago
  Maysa Macedo 04c7cb63a4 Ensure loadBalancerIP is used when defined on the Service 10 months ago
  Maysa Macedo daedac3732 Ensure LB sg is in sync with backend Pods 10 months ago
  Michał Dulko 59651aa66b Ignore CRD creation errors when ns is terminated 10 months ago
  Luis Tomas Bolivar a660eae054 Ensure proper cleanup of subports 10 months ago
  zhufl 4cf2d3eb24 [Trivial]Add missing print parameter in log messages 10 months ago
  liujinxin 1ffc938609 Fix kuryr-controller error for not finding created resources 10 months ago
  Roman Dobosz 98c78b75bb Guard against manually removing of KuryrPort CRD. 10 months ago
  Roman Dobosz c7fd31951b Remove right finalizer on pod absence. 10 months ago