45 Commits (b38f0584a0f5ff1ffc10a15077a483d4194c32b2)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Roman Dobosz b38f0584a0 Adapt selfLink calculation for KuryrNet CRD objects. 5 months ago
  Roman Dobosz 7c790aa7f2 Adapt selfLink calculation for KuryrNetPolicy CRD objects. 5 months ago
  Roman Dobosz e3ff9547a6 Added function for figure out link for the resource. 5 months ago
  Maysa Macedo 27876a586f Add support to Endpoints without targetRef 6 months ago
  Maysa Macedo 7894021931 Clean lb crd status upon Load Balancer removal 8 months ago
  Michał Dulko 9743f6b3c9 Civilize logging vol 2 8 months ago
  Roman Dobosz 1aa6753d80 Move vifs to 'status' in the KuryrPort CRD. 9 months ago
  Michał Dulko d80e1bff99 Support upgrading LBaaSState annotation to KLB CRD 9 months ago
  scavnicka f71ae55476 Update loadbalancer CRD with service spec and rely on CRD 1 year ago
  Roman Dobosz a458fa6894 Pod annotations to KuryrPort CRD. 12 months ago
  Michał Dulko 9db38c85b2 Tweak exponential backoff 10 months ago
  Michał Dulko d8892d2e72 Civilize logging 12 months ago
  Luis Tomas Bolivar eeee83d0f3 Add IPv6 support to namespace subnet driver 1 year ago
  Maysa Macedo 7fb7d96c21 Ensure LB sg rules use IPv6 when enabled 1 year ago
  ITD27M01 9cdd1c8112 Ensures accurate quota calculation during the readiness checks 1 year ago
  Michał Dulko 1045bcb02a Bump hacking to newer version 1 year ago
  Gary Loughnane edc6597fe2 Add DPDK support for nested pods 3 years ago
  Roman Dobosz 1b97158c89 Move from Neutron client to OpenStackSDK. 2 years ago
  Luis Tomas Bolivar 998be3bbda Avoid race between Retries and Deletion actions 2 years ago
  Yash Gupta 4c3e338273 Reuse utils.get_lbaas_spec in lb handler 2 years ago
  Maysa Macedo 73cac914c2 Ensure controller is only restarted after the event timesout 2 years ago
  Luis Tomas Bolivar 3f9c80e6e6 Populate pools upon namespace creation 2 years ago
  Ilya Maximets c725f82f1a Fix interval ignoring by exponential sleep 2 years ago
  Maysa Macedo ae1d1dd51a Fix LBaaS SG rules update 2 years ago
  Luis Tomas Bolivar dfa9a392f1 Add support for svc with text targetPorts 2 years ago
  Maysa Macedo ba89bd027f Fix LBaaS sg rules update on deployment scale 2 years ago
  Maysa Macedo 70692f86a4 Ensure NP changes are applied to services 2 years ago
  Luis Tomas Bolivar b200d368cd Add Network Policy support to services 2 years ago
  Luis Tomas Bolivar 05cdb9cd4f Ensure controller healthchecks passes without CRDs 2 years ago
  Maysa Macedo b215aae146 Add quota readiness check to controller 3 years ago
  Michał Dulko 65e05c3b6d Work out situation with KUBERNETES_NODE_NAME 2 years ago
  Danil Golov 8e60dcc4aa Add SR-IOV pod vif driver 4 years ago
  Michał Dulko b895427011 Fix compatiblity with old Pod annotation format 3 years ago
  Peng Liu 5fa529efa4 Move function get_subnet to kuryr_kubernetes.utils 3 years ago
  Michał Dulko e416b2492a kuryr-controller A/P HA 3 years ago
  Eunsoo Park 58e6b1914c Watcher restarts watching resources in failure 3 years ago
  Luis Tomas Bolivar a83eba5fa1 Add multi pools support 3 years ago
  Luis Tomas Bolivar 7061f4abac Make CNI Registry Plugin namespace aware 3 years ago
  Michał Dulko 18db649943 Support kuryr-daemon when running containerized 4 years ago
  Jaume Devesa 82dce858cf Add asyncio eventloop. 5 years ago
  Gal Sagie 04a95048a4 cookiecutter commit for kuryr-kubernetes 5 years ago