101 Commits (cd5a2ee84cb4cb43aff058a2d2c7ed6b7bf78559)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Maysa Macedo cd5a2ee84c Skip update of vip sg if lb is gone 9 months ago
  Roman Dobosz 07ca7736f3 Don't clutter logs with exceptions on retry. 9 months ago
  scavnicka aa02a4b412 Leaks of loadbalancer 10 months ago
  Maysa Macedo 7894021931 Clean lb crd status upon Load Balancer removal 9 months ago
  Michał Dulko a1708e1c76 KuryrNetworkPolicy CRD 1 year ago
  scavnicka f71ae55476 Update loadbalancer CRD with service spec and rely on CRD 1 year ago
  Luis Tomas Bolivar 3042fb6cb8 Add support for amphora to ovn-octavia upgrade 1 year ago
  Luis Tomas Bolivar dc78e0cef3 Remove ovn-octavia provider tcp+udp limitation 1 year ago
  Luis Tomas Bolivar a6ee78931b Ensure provider information is used when finding lbs 1 year ago
  Maysa Macedo 213483fd09 Remove lb sg creation when octavia provider is ovn-octavia 1 year ago
  zhufl 10e9a6d325 [Trivial]Add missing white space between words 1 year ago
  Maysa Macedo f8a315a080 Ensure LB resources with ERROR status are deleted 1 year ago
  Michał Dulko 4ebece5fa6 Fix pep8 job after flake8 upgrade 1 year ago
  Maysa Macedo c7d798a45c Skip LB sg update when no endpoint is found 1 year ago
  Luis Tomas Bolivar 09b09a2494 Ensure NP are enforced on SVC with different port and target port 1 year ago
  Maysa Macedo 01ef4ee19c Fix sg rules creations for LB sg when applying members sg 1 year ago
  Maysa Macedo 737e34c5ff Ensure no attempt to deleted sg rules owned by Octavia happens 1 year ago
  Maysa Macedo 7fb7d96c21 Ensure LB sg rules use IPv6 when enabled 1 year ago
  Michał Dulko b2146180ef Remove _post_lb_resource() 1 year ago
  Luis Tomas Bolivar 9acfd8faa8 Remove namespace isolation support 1 year ago
  Maysa Macedo 0814ccaac6 Remove openshift routes(Ingress) support 1 year ago
  Maysa Macedo d49fd12f7c Ensure LB with error status is only recreated after deleted 1 year ago
  Roman Dobosz be132b1aeb Use openstacksdk for setting the tags. 1 year ago
  Luis Tomas Bolivar 8efde71baf Ensure lb SG is not updated on member creation 1 year ago
  Roman Dobosz 687642eef5 Update lbaasv2 driver to use OpenStackSDK. 2 years ago
  Luis Tomas Bolivar 3196021b9e Add support for listeners on the same port but different protocol 1 year ago
  Luis Tomas Bolivar 0e581caa2d Add support to Octavia ACLs 1 year ago
  Michał Dulko c581a73be3 Fix Octavia version detection 2 years ago
  Maysa Macedo 4c34068b2f Ensure LB sg update is retried when NP is enforced 2 years ago
  Roman Dobosz f0b082671b Fix catched exception after transition to OpenStackSDK. 2 years ago
  Maysa Macedo d2e3aea728 Ensure leftover LBaaS are deleted upon Controller start 2 years ago
  Luis Tomas Bolivar 14103941dc Add support for different loadbalancer algorithms 2 years ago
  Maysa Macedo 2449917831 Ensure not found exception is ignored when LB is not present 2 years ago
  Maysa Macedo 68145b9b58 Ensure no LBaaS SG update is triggered for SVCs without selectors and ports 2 years ago
  Maysa Macedo dc53a2bf24 Fix wrong exception handled on listener creation 2 years ago
  Maysa Macedo 135311fd01 Make SG modifications for LoadBalancers optional 2 years ago
  Michał Dulko 446a73fc69 Support None from Octavia get_api_major_version() 2 years ago
  Michał Dulko 4230c8711c Access Pool.listeners elements like dict 2 years ago
  Maysa Macedo fadcec3e6b Fix lBaaS sg rules corresponding to the NP rules are being deleted 2 years ago
  Michał Dulko 533ab7cff5 Fix incombatilibity with openstacksdk <= 0.17.2 2 years ago
  Michał Dulko 004efce1c9 Use Octavia endpoint paths from openstacksdk 2 years ago
  Maysa Macedo 5a2d0f64b3 Ensure LBaaS SG update upon allow from everywhere NP is enforced 2 years ago
  Michał Dulko 2a9f5fdcc2 Fix conflict exceptions handling in LB creation 2 years ago
  Maysa Macedo ae1d1dd51a Fix LBaaS SG rules update 2 years ago
  zhufl 49ca9327f1 Add missing ws separator between words 2 years ago
  Michał Dulko bee4997f4e Add option to tag Octavia resources created by us 2 years ago
  Michał Dulko b90ca1b9b9 Switch Octavia API calls to openstacksdk 2 years ago
  Maysa Macedo ba89bd027f Fix LBaaS sg rules update on deployment scale 2 years ago
  Michał Dulko 88e38e8e94 Add option to tag Neutron resources created by us 2 years ago
  Michał Dulko 8eaeb88d1e Switch except statements order 2 years ago