Kubernetes integration with OpenStack networking
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# Copyright 2017 Red Hat, Inc.
# Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
# you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
# You may obtain a copy of the License at
# http://www.apache.org/licenses/LICENSE-2.0
# Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
# distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
# See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
# limitations under the License.
import retrying
from os_vif import objects as obj_vif
from oslo_concurrency import lockutils
from oslo_config import cfg
from oslo_log import log as logging
from kuryr_kubernetes import clients
from kuryr_kubernetes.cni.binding import base as b_base
from kuryr_kubernetes.cni.plugins import base as base_cni
from kuryr_kubernetes.cni import utils
from kuryr_kubernetes import constants as k_const
from kuryr_kubernetes import exceptions
from kuryr_kubernetes import utils as k_utils
LOG = logging.getLogger(__name__)
RETRY_DELAY = 1000 # 1 second in milliseconds
# TODO(dulek, gryf): Another corner case is (and was) when pod is deleted
# before it's corresponding CRD was created and populated by vifs by
# controller or even noticed by any watcher. Kubelet will try to delete such
# vif, but we will have no data about it. This is currently worked around by
# returning successfully in case of timing out in delete. To solve this
# properly we need to watch for pod deletes as well, or perhaps create
# finalizer for the pod as soon, as we know, that kuryrport CRD will be
# created.
class K8sCNIRegistryPlugin(base_cni.CNIPlugin):
def __init__(self, registry, healthy):
self.healthy = healthy
self.registry = registry
self.k8s = clients.get_kubernetes_client()
def _get_obj_name(self, params):
return "%(namespace)s/%(name)s" % {
'namespace': params.args.K8S_POD_NAMESPACE,
'name': params.args.K8S_POD_NAME}
def add(self, params):
kp_name = self._get_obj_name(params)
timeout = CONF.cni_daemon.vif_annotation_timeout
# Try to confirm if CRD in the registry is not stale cache. If it is,
# remove it.
with lockutils.lock(kp_name, external=True):
if kp_name in self.registry:
cached_kp = self.registry[kp_name]['kp']
kp = self.k8s.get(k_utils.get_res_link(cached_kp))
except Exception:
LOG.exception('Error when getting KuryrPort %s', kp_name)
raise exceptions.ResourceNotReady(kp_name)
if kp['metadata']['uid'] != cached_kp['metadata']['uid']:
LOG.warning('Stale KuryrPort %s detected in cache. (API '
'uid=%s, cached uid=%s). Removing it from '
'cache.', kp_name, kp['metadata']['uid'],
del self.registry[kp_name]
vifs = self._do_work(params, b_base.connect, timeout)
# NOTE(dulek): Saving containerid to be able to distinguish old DEL
# requests that we should ignore. We need a lock to
# prevent race conditions and replace whole object in the
# dict for multiprocessing.Manager to notice that.
with lockutils.lock(kp_name, external=True):
d = self.registry[kp_name]
d['containerid'] = params.CNI_CONTAINERID
self.registry[kp_name] = d
LOG.debug('Saved containerid = %s for CRD %s',
params.CNI_CONTAINERID, kp_name)
# Wait for timeout sec, 1 sec between tries, retry when even one
# vif is not active.
@retrying.retry(stop_max_delay=timeout * 1000, wait_fixed=RETRY_DELAY,
def wait_for_active(kp_name):
return self.registry[kp_name]['vifs']
vifs = wait_for_active(kp_name)
for vif in vifs.values():
if not vif.active:
LOG.error("Timed out waiting for vifs to become active")
raise exceptions.ResourceNotReady(kp_name)
return vifs[k_const.DEFAULT_IFNAME]
def delete(self, params):
kp_name = self._get_obj_name(params)
reg_ci = self.registry[kp_name]['containerid']
LOG.debug('Read containerid = %s for KuryrPort %s', reg_ci,
if reg_ci and reg_ci != params.CNI_CONTAINERID:
# NOTE(dulek): This is a DEL request for some older (probably
# failed) ADD call. We should ignore it or we'll
# unplug a running pod.
LOG.warning('Received DEL request for unknown ADD call for '
'Kuryrport %s (CNI_CONTAINERID=%s). Ignoring.',
kp_name, params.CNI_CONTAINERID)
except KeyError:
# Passing arbitrary 5 seconds as timeout, as it does not make any sense
# to wait on CNI DEL. If kuryrport got deleted from API - VIF info is
# gone. If kuryrport got the vif info removed - it is now gone too.
# The number's not 0, because we need to anticipate for restarts and
# delay before registry is populated by watcher.
self._do_work(params, b_base.disconnect, 5)
except exceptions.ResourceNotReady:
# So the VIF info seems to be lost at this point, we don't even
# know what binding driver was used to plug it. Let's at least
# try to remove the interface we created from the netns to prevent
# possible VLAN ID conflicts.
b_base.cleanup(params.CNI_IFNAME, params.CNI_NETNS)
# NOTE(ndesh): We need to lock here to avoid race condition
# with the deletion code in the watcher to ensure that
# we delete the registry entry exactly once
with lockutils.lock(kp_name, external=True):
if self.registry[kp_name]['del_received']:
del self.registry[kp_name]
kp_dict = self.registry[kp_name]
kp_dict['vif_unplugged'] = True
self.registry[kp_name] = kp_dict
except KeyError:
# This means the kuryrport was removed before vif was unplugged.
# This shouldn't happen, but we can't do anything about it now
LOG.debug('KuryrPort %s not found registry while handling DEL '
'request. Ignoring.', kp_name)
def report_drivers_health(self, driver_healthy):
if not driver_healthy:
with self.healthy.get_lock():
LOG.debug("Reporting CNI driver not healthy.")
self.healthy.value = driver_healthy
def _do_work(self, params, fn, timeout):
kp_name = self._get_obj_name(params)
# In case of KeyError retry for `timeout` s, wait 1 s between tries.
@retrying.retry(stop_max_delay=timeout * 1000, wait_fixed=RETRY_DELAY,
retry_on_exception=lambda e: isinstance(e, KeyError))
def find():
return self.registry[kp_name]
d = find()
kp = d['kp']
vifs = d['vifs']
except KeyError:
LOG.error("Timed out waiting for requested KuryrPort to appear in "
raise exceptions.ResourceNotReady(kp_name)
for ifname, vif in vifs.items():
is_default_gateway = (ifname == k_const.DEFAULT_IFNAME)
if is_default_gateway:
# NOTE(ygupta): if this is the default interface, we should
# use the ifname supplied in the CNI ADD request
ifname = params.CNI_IFNAME
fn(vif, self._get_inst(kp), ifname, params.CNI_NETNS,
return vifs
def _get_inst(self, kp):
return (obj_vif.instance_info