Kubernetes integration with OpenStack networking
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# All Rights Reserved.
# Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may
# not use this file except in compliance with the License. You may obtain
# a copy of the License at
# http://www.apache.org/licenses/LICENSE-2.0
# Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
# distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS, WITHOUT
# WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. See the
# License for the specific language governing permissions and limitations
# under the License.
import os
from kuryr.lib._i18n import _
from oslo_concurrency import lockutils
from oslo_config import cfg
from oslo_log import log as logging
from oslo_serialization import jsonutils
import pyroute2
from kuryr_kubernetes import clients
from kuryr_kubernetes.cni.binding import base as b_base
from kuryr_kubernetes import config
from kuryr_kubernetes import constants
from kuryr_kubernetes import exceptions
from kuryr_kubernetes.handlers import health
from kuryr_kubernetes import utils
LOG = logging.getLogger(__name__)
class VIFSriovDriver(health.HealthHandler, b_base.BaseBindingDriver):
def __init__(self):
self._lock = None
def release_lock_object(func):
def wrapped(self, *args, **kwargs):
return func(self, *args, **kwargs)
if self._lock and self._lock.acquired:
return wrapped
def connect(self, vif, ifname, netns, container_id):
pci_info = self._process_vif(vif, ifname, netns)
if config.CONF.sriov.enable_node_annotations:
self._save_pci_info(vif.id, pci_info)
def disconnect(self, vif, ifname, netns, container_id):
# NOTE(k.zaitsev): when netns is deleted the interface is
# returned automatically to host netns. We may reset
# it to all-zero state
if config.CONF.sriov.enable_node_annotations:
def _process_vif(self, vif, ifname, netns):
pr_client = clients.get_pod_resources_client()
pod_resources_list = pr_client.list()
resources = pod_resources_list.pod_resources
resource_name = self._get_resource_by_physnet(vif.physnet)
driver = self._get_driver_by_res(resource_name)
resource = self._make_resource(resource_name)
LOG.debug("Vif %s will correspond to pci device belonging to "
"resource %s", vif, resource)
pod_devices = self._get_pod_devices(vif.pod_link)
pod_resource = None
container_devices = None
for res in resources:
if res.name == vif.pod_name:
pod_resource = res
if not pod_resource:
raise exceptions.CNIError(
"No resources are discovered for pod {}".format(vif.pod_name))
LOG.debug("Looking for PCI device used by kubelet service and not "
"used by pod %s yet ...", vif.pod_name)
for container in pod_resource.containers:
container_devices = container.devices
except Exception:
LOG.warning("No devices in container %s", container.name)
for dev in container_devices:
if dev.resource_name != resource:
for pci in dev.device_ids:
if pci in pod_devices:
LOG.debug("Appropriate PCI device %s is found", pci)
pci_info = self._compute_pci(pci, driver, vif.pod_link,
vif, ifname, netns)
return pci_info
def _get_resource_by_physnet(self, physnet):
mapping = config.CONF.sriov.physnet_resource_mappings
resource_name = mapping[physnet]
except KeyError:
LOG.exception("No resource name for physnet %s", physnet)
return resource_name
def _make_resource(self, res_name):
res_prefix = config.CONF.sriov.device_plugin_resource_prefix
return res_prefix + '/' + res_name
def _get_driver_by_res(self, resource_name):
mapping = config.CONF.sriov.resource_driver_mappings
driver = mapping[resource_name]
except KeyError:
LOG.exception("No driver for resource_name %s", resource_name)
return driver
def _compute_pci(self, pci, driver, pod_link, vif, ifname, netns):
vf_name, vf_index, pf, pci_info = self._get_vf_info(pci, driver)
pci_info['physical_network'] = vif.physnet
if driver in constants.USERSPACE_DRIVERS:
LOG.info("PCI device %s will be rebinded to userspace network "
"driver %s", pci, driver)
if vf_index and pf:
self._set_vf_mac(pf, vf_index, vif.address)
if vif.network.should_provide_vlan:
vlan_id = vif.network.vlan
self._set_vf_vlan(pf, vf_index, vlan_id)
old_driver = self._bind_device(pci, driver)
LOG.info("PCI device %s will be moved to container's net ns %s",
pci, netns)
self._move_to_netns(ifname, netns, vif, vf_name, vf_index, pf)
old_driver = driver
self._annotate_device(pod_link, pci, old_driver, driver, vif.id)
return pci_info
def _move_to_netns(self, ifname, netns, vif, vf_name, vf_index, pf):
if vf_index and pf:
if vif.network.should_provide_vlan:
vlan_id = vif.network.vlan
self._set_vf_vlan(pf, vf_index, vlan_id)
self._set_vf_mac(pf, vf_index, vif.address)
with b_base.get_ipdb() as h_ipdb, b_base.get_ipdb(netns) as c_ipdb:
with h_ipdb.interfaces[vf_name] as host_iface:
host_iface.net_ns_fd = utils.convert_netns(netns)
with c_ipdb.interfaces[vf_name] as iface:
iface.ifname = ifname
iface.mtu = vif.network.mtu
def _get_vf_info(self, pci, driver):
vf_sys_path = '/sys/bus/pci/devices/{}/net/'.format(pci)
if not os.path.exists(vf_sys_path):
if driver not in constants.USERSPACE_DRIVERS:
raise OSError(_("No vf name for device {}").format(pci))
vf_name = None
vf_names = os.listdir(vf_sys_path)
vf_name = vf_names[0]
pfysfn_path = '/sys/bus/pci/devices/{}/physfn/net/'.format(pci)
# If physical function is not specified in VF's directory then
# this VF belongs to current VM node
if not os.path.exists(pfysfn_path):
LOG.info("Current device %s is a virtual function which is "
"passed into VM. Getting it's pci info", vf_name)
pci_info = self._get_vf_pci_info(pci)
return vf_name, None, None, pci_info
pf_names = os.listdir(pfysfn_path)
pf_name = pf_names[0]
nvfs = self._get_total_vfs(pf_name)
pf_sys_path = '/sys/class/net/{}/device'.format(pf_name)
for vf_index in range(nvfs):
virtfn_path = os.path.join(pf_sys_path,
vf_pci = os.path.basename(os.readlink(virtfn_path))
if vf_pci == pci:
pci_info = self._get_pci_info(pf_name, vf_index)
return vf_name, vf_index, pf_name, pci_info
return None, None, None, None
def _get_vf_pci_info(self, pci):
vendor_path = '/sys/bus/pci/devices/{}/vendor'.format(pci)
with open(vendor_path) as vendor_file:
# vendor_full contains a hex value (e.g. 0x8086)
vendor_full = vendor_file.read()
vendor = vendor_full.split('x')[1].strip()
device_path = '/sys/bus/pci/devices/{}/device'.format(pci)
LOG.info("Full path to device which is being processed",
with open(device_path) as device_file:
# device_full contains a hex value (e.g. 0x1520)
device_full = device_file.read()
device = device_full.split('x')[1].strip()
pci_vendor_info = '{}:{}'.format(vendor, device)
return {'pci_slot': pci,
'pci_vendor_info': pci_vendor_info}
def _bind_device(self, pci, driver, old_driver=None):
if not old_driver:
old_driver_path = '/sys/bus/pci/devices/{}/driver'.format(pci)
old_driver_link = os.readlink(old_driver_path)
old_driver = os.path.basename(old_driver_link)
if old_driver not in constants.MELLANOX_DRIVERS:
unbind_path = '/sys/bus/pci/drivers/{}/unbind'.format(old_driver)
bind_path = '/sys/bus/pci/drivers/{}/bind'.format(driver)
override = "/sys/bus/pci/devices/{}/driver_override".format(pci)
with open(unbind_path, 'w') as unbind_fd:
with open(override, 'w') as override_fd:
with open(override, 'w') as override_fd:
with open(bind_path, 'w') as bind_fd:
LOG.info("Device %s was binded on driver %s. Old driver is %s",
pci, driver, old_driver)
return old_driver
def _annotate_device(self, pod_link, pci, old_driver, new_driver, port_id):
k8s = clients.get_kubernetes_client()
pod_devices = self._get_pod_devices(pod_link)
pod_devices[pci] = {
constants.K8S_ANNOTATION_OLD_DRIVER: old_driver,
constants.K8S_ANNOTATION_CURRENT_DRIVER: new_driver,
constants.K8S_ANNOTATION_NEUTRON_PORT: port_id
pod_devices = jsonutils.dumps(pod_devices)
LOG.debug("Trying to annotate pod %s with pci %s, old driver %s "
"and new driver %s", pod_link, pci, old_driver, new_driver)
{constants.K8S_ANNOTATION_PCI_DEVICES: pod_devices})
def _get_pod_devices(self, pod_link):
k8s = clients.get_kubernetes_client()
pod = k8s.get(pod_link)
annotations = pod['metadata']['annotations']
json_devices = annotations[constants.K8S_ANNOTATION_PCI_DEVICES]
devices = jsonutils.loads(json_devices)
except KeyError:
devices = {}
except Exception as ex:
LOG.exception("Exception while getting annotations: %s", ex)
LOG.debug("Pod %s has devices %s", pod_link, devices)
return devices
def _return_device_driver(self, vif):
if not hasattr(vif, 'pod_link'):
pod_devices = self._get_pod_devices(vif.pod_link)
for pci, info in pod_devices.items():
if info[constants.K8S_ANNOTATION_NEUTRON_PORT] == vif.id:
if (info[constants.K8S_ANNOTATION_OLD_DRIVER] !=
LOG.debug("Driver of device %s should be changed back",
def _get_pci_info(self, pf, vf_index):
vendor_path = '/sys/class/net/{}/device/virtfn{}/vendor'.format(
pf, vf_index)
with open(vendor_path) as vendor_file:
vendor_full = vendor_file.read()
vendor = vendor_full.split('x')[1].strip()
device_path = '/sys/class/net/{}/device/virtfn{}/device'.format(
pf, vf_index)
with open(device_path) as device_file:
device_full = device_file.read()
device = device_full.split('x')[1].strip()
pci_vendor_info = '{}:{}'.format(vendor, device)
vf_path = '/sys/class/net/{}/device/virtfn{}'.format(
pf, vf_index)
pci_slot_path = os.readlink(vf_path)
pci_slot = pci_slot_path.split('/')[1]
return {'pci_slot': pci_slot,
'pci_vendor_info': pci_vendor_info}
def _save_pci_info(self, neutron_port, port_pci_info):
k8s = clients.get_kubernetes_client()
annot_name = self._make_annotation_name(neutron_port)
nodename = utils.get_node_name()
LOG.info("Trying to annotate node %s with pci info %s",
nodename, port_pci_info)
k8s.patch_node_annotations(nodename, annot_name, port_pci_info)
def _remove_pci_info(self, neutron_port):
k8s = clients.get_kubernetes_client()
annot_name = self._make_annotation_name(neutron_port)
nodename = utils.get_node_name()
LOG.info("Trying to delete pci info for port %s on node %s",
neutron_port, nodename)
k8s.remove_node_annotations(nodename, annot_name)
def _make_annotation_name(self, neutron_port):
annot_name = constants.K8S_ANNOTATION_NODE_PCI_DEVICE_INFO
annot_name = annot_name.replace('/', '~1')
annot_name = annot_name + '-' + neutron_port
return annot_name
def _acquire(self, path):
if self._lock and self._lock.acquired:
raise RuntimeError(_("Attempting to lock {} when {} "
"is already locked.").format(path, self._lock))
self._lock = lockutils.InterProcessLock(path=path)
return self._lock.acquire()
def _release(self):
if not self._lock:
raise RuntimeError(_("Attempting release an empty lock"))
return self._lock.release()
def _get_total_vfs(self, pf):
"""Read /sys information for configured number of VFs of a PF"""
pf_sys_path = '/sys/class/net/{}/device'.format(pf)
total_fname = os.path.join(pf_sys_path, 'sriov_numvfs')
with open(total_fname) as total_f:
data = total_f.read()
except IOError:
LOG.warning("Could not open %s. No VFs for %s", total_fname, pf)
return 0
nvfs = 0
nvfs = int(data.strip())
except ValueError:
LOG.warning("Could not parse %s from %s. No VFs for %s", data,
total_fname, pf)
return 0
LOG.debug("PF %s has %s VFs", pf, nvfs)
return nvfs
def _set_vf_mac(self, pf, vf_index, mac):
LOG.debug("Setting VF MAC: pf = %s, vf_index = %s, mac = %s",
pf, vf_index, mac)
ip = pyroute2.IPRoute()
pf_index = ip.link_lookup(ifname=pf)[0]
ip.link("set", index=pf_index, vf={"vf": vf_index, "mac": mac})
except pyroute2.NetlinkError:
LOG.exception("Unable to set mac for VF %s on pf %s",
vf_index, pf)
def _set_vf_vlan(self, pf, vf_index, vlan_id):
LOG.debug("Setting VF VLAN: pf = %s, vf_index = %s, vlan_id = %s",
pf, vf_index, vlan_id)
ip = pyroute2.IPRoute()
pf_index = ip.link_lookup(ifname=pf)[0]
ip.link("set", index=pf_index, vf={"vf": vf_index,
"vlan": vlan_id})
except pyroute2.NetlinkError:
LOG.exception("Unable to set vlan for VF %s on pf %s",
vf_index, pf)