Allow for user specified local.conf changes with Vagrant

This adds the ability for the user to inject additional configuration
into local.conf during the provisioning step. One can change the
Neutron plugin, for example, using this configuration.

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Signed-off-by: Kyle Mestery <>
Kyle Mestery 7 years ago
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@ -55,3 +55,6 @@ contrib/vagrant/.vagrant
# Configuration files
# Ignore user specific local.conf settings for vagrant

@ -47,4 +47,21 @@ the definition of the Virtual Machine spawned:
* **VAGRANT\_KURYR\_VM\_CPU**: To modify the cpus of the VM. Defaulted to: 2
* **VAGRANT\_KURYR\_RUN\_DEVSTACK**: Whether `vagrant up` should run devstack to
have an environment ready to use. Set it to 'false' if you want to edit
`local.conf` before run ./ manually in the VM. Defaulted to: true
`local.conf` before run ./ manually in the VM. Defaulted to: true.
See below for additional options for editing local.conf.
Additional devstack configuration
To add additional configuration to local.conf before the VM is provisioned, you can
create a file called "user_local.conf" in the contrib/vagrant directory of
networking-kuryr. This file will be appended to the "local.conf" created during the
Vagrant provisioning.
For example, to use OVN as the Neutron plugin with Kuryr, you can create a
"user_local.conf" with the following configuration:
enable_plugin networking-ovn
enable_service ovn-northd
enable_service ovn-controller
disable_service q-agt

@ -44,6 +44,10 @@ then
# copy local.conf.sample settings (source: kuryr/devstack/local.conf.sample)
cp /devstack/local.conf.sample $DEVSTACK/local.conf
# If local settings are present, append them
if [ -f "/vagrant/user_local.conf" ]; then
cat /vagrant/user_local.conf >> $DEVSTACK/local.conf
chown "$OS_USER":"$OS_USER" "$DEVSTACK"/local.conf