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Migrate legacy jobs to Ubuntu Bionic

We have migrated the zuulv3 job to Bionic during Dec/Jan month.
But that effort does not move all gate job to Bionic as there are
large amount of jobs are still legacy jobs. All the legacy jobs still
use Xenial as nodeset.

As per the decided runtime for Stein, we need to test everything on openstack
CI/CD on Bionic -

Below patch move the legacy base jobs to bionic which will move the derived jobs
automatically to bionic. These jobs are modified with branch variant so that they will use
Bionic node from stein onwards and xenial for all other stable branches
until stable/rocky.

This commit remove the overridden nodeset from legacy jobs
so that it will start using the nodeset defined in parent job.

More Details: 

Change-Id: Ia9e89689b4bfff8ce5fcb7c577c18b1b20e11686
ghanshyam 1 month ago
1 changed files with 0 additions and 1 deletions
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- 1
.zuul.yaml View File

@@ -60,7 +60,6 @@
60 60
       - openstack/devstack-plugin-container
61 61
       - openstack/kuryr
62 62
       - openstack/kuryr-libnetwork
-    nodeset: legacy-ubuntu-xenial-2-node
64 63
65 64
 - job:
66 65
     name: kuryr-libnetwork-fullstack