- Adding the limitation for Docker 1.12

- Adding config options for using with Keystone version 2.0
- Adding some of the features

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Mohammad Banikazemi 7 years ago
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@ -27,8 +27,40 @@ K8s's CNI and so on, is maintained in separate Kuryr repo as a common library.
* Docker libnetwork remote driver
* Docker libnetwork IPAM driver
* Support for Linux Bridge, Open vSwitch, Midonet, and IOvisor port bindings
* Support for using existing Neutron networks::
docker network create -d kuryr --ipam-driver=kuryr --subnet= --gateway= \
-o neutron.net.uuid=d98d1259-03d1-4b45-9b86-b039cba1d90d mynet
docker network create -d kuryr --ipam-driver=kuryr --subnet= --gateway= \
-o neutron.net.name=my_neutron_net mynet
* Support for using existing Neutron ports::
docker run -it --net=kuryr_net --ip= ubuntu
if a port in the corresponding subnet with the requested ip address
already exists and it is unbound, that port is used for the
* Support for the Docker "expose" option::
docker run --net=my_kuryr_net --expose=1234-1238/udp -it ubuntu
This feature is implemented by using Neutron security groups.
* Docker 1.12 with SwarmKit (the new Swarm) does not support remote
drivers. Therefore, it cannot be used with Kuryr. This limitation is
to be removed in Docker 1.13.
Getting it running with a service container
@ -40,7 +72,7 @@ The necessary components for an operating environment to run Kuryr are:
* Keystone (preferably configured with Keystone v3),
* Neutron (preferably mitaka or newer),
* Mariadb (for Neutron and Keystone),
* DB management system suh as MySQL or Mariadb (for Neutron and Keystone),
* Neutron agents for the vendor you choose,
* Rabbitmq if the Neutron agents for your vendor require it,
* Docker 1.9+
@ -157,7 +189,7 @@ Rename and copy config file at required path::
$ cp etc/kuryr.conf.sample /etc/kuryr/kuryr.conf
Edit Neutron section in `/etc/kuryr/kuryr.conf`, replace ADMIN_PASSWORD::
For using Keystone v3, edit the Neutron section in `/etc/kuryr/kuryr.conf`, replace ADMIN_PASSWORD::
auth_url =
@ -169,6 +201,16 @@ Edit Neutron section in `/etc/kuryr/kuryr.conf`, replace ADMIN_PASSWORD::
auth_type = password
Alternatively, for using Keystone v2, edit the Neutron section in `/etc/kuryr/kuryr.conf`, replace ADMIN_PASSWORD::
auth_url =
username = admin
project_name = service
auth_type = password
In the same file uncomment the `bindir` parameter with the path for the Kuryr
vif binding executables. For example, if you installed it on Debian or Ubuntu::