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minversion = 3.18.0
envlist = py3,pep8
# Note the hash seed is set to 0 until neutron can be tested with a
# random hash seed successfully.
setenv = VIRTUAL_ENV={envdir}
usedevelop = True
install_command = pip install {opts} {packages}
deps =
allowlist_externals = sh
commands = find . -type f -name "*.py[c|o]" -delete
stestr run {posargs}
stestr slowest
basepython = python3.6
setenv = OS_TEST_PATH=./kuryr/tests/fullstack
commands = oslo_debug_helper -t kuryr/tests {posargs}
commands = flake8
commands = {posargs}
setenv =
PYTHON=coverage run --source kuryr --parallel-mode
commands =
stestr run {posargs}
coverage combine
coverage html -d cover
coverage xml -o cover/coverage.xml
coverage report
deps =
commands = sphinx-build -a -E -W -d doc/build/doctrees -b html doc/source doc/build/html
# E125 continuation line does not distinguish itself from next logical line
# E126 continuation line over-indented for hanging indent
# E129 visually indented line with same indent as next logical line
# E265 block comment should start with '# '
# N530 direct neutron imports not allowed
ignore = E125,E126,E129,E265,H301,N530
show-source = true
exclude = .venv,.git,.tox,dist,doc,*lib/python*,*egg,build,tools,.ropeproject,rally-scenarios,releasenotes
deps =
commands =
pylint --rcfile=.pylintrc --output-format=colorized {posargs:neutron}
import_exceptions = neutron.i18n
local-check-factory = neutron_lib.hacking.checks.factory
commands = oslo-config-generator --config-file=etc/kuryr-config-generator.conf
deps = {[testenv:docs]deps}
commands = sphinx-build -a -W -E -d releasenotes/build/doctrees -b html releasenotes/source releasenotes/build/html