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@ -7,6 +7,16 @@ answer questions that OpenStack operators have as they need to scale up
and scale out, and help address some of the limitations operators
encounter in large OpenStack clusters.
Documentation for the Large Scale SIG is published at:
The main activities of the SIG are to maintain the
`Scaling Journey <>`_
documentation, and produce the *Large Scale OpenStack* show on
`Openinfra Live <>`_.
To join the SIG, you can post on the
`openstack-discuss <>`_
mailing-list using the *[largescale-sig]* prefix. You can also join the
`Large Scale SIG meeting <>`_
on OFTC IRC. You can find past meeting logs
`here <>`_. We use this
`etherpad <>`_
to propose agenda items for the next meeting.

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