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Zuul 16751804e7 Merge "Add Apple OS X ".DS_Store" to ".gitignore" file" 5 years ago
Qian Min Chen a48bbafc25 Add Apple OS X ".DS_Store" to ".gitignore" file
Change-Id: Idf49d283ff06360e69992e13673cdfe3a65847ad
5 years ago
Qian Min Chen d6718db13f Modify the '.gitignore' file
Since the horizon remove the '' file,
so there should remove '.venv' from the '.gitignore' file.

Change-Id: I72f759de6c0deaacf9ec460d791bc501575f46d2
5 years ago
Shu Muto ec1c6467f2 Add '.idea' into .gitignore
This patch adds following directory for PyCharm.
- '.idea'

Change-Id: I3cf5f6b5063d989f81a0edcf816d919de905422b
6 years ago
Akihiro Motoki 4a3ba73cc0 rearrange existing documentation to fit the new standard layout
For more detail, see the doc migration spec:

The current installation document is mainly for contributors not operators.
It is better to be reviit later, but it is beyond the scope of this patch.

Change-Id: Ic4ae4cc7cf399446ba5e25a97698ddb2c075b510
6 years ago
Shu Muto db2bccd086 ignore nose test results
To exclude nose test results from git management,
add '*nose_results.html' into .gitignore.

Change-Id: I256cbc22fdb09a834c83a890c903e2372fc23453
6 years ago
Shu Muto ac73b67f22 Add reno for releasenotes management
An initial patch to add reno and create a base directory for
release notes

Change-Id: Id3a6f27581c0fafcffa8b63f0d6a51dc01ee0651
7 years ago
Kenji Ishii 30debb0ac4 Add .mo to .gitignore
.mo file should not be included in src.
Thus, this patch will add this extension to .gitignore.

Change-Id: Id33c862acdc8e910bc1dcc5f926bd219faa32be5
7 years ago
Shu Muto a256c034d0 Cleanup the test settings
Karma and coverage tests scatter its result around.
And recently, infra team seems to set a subdirectory called
'cover' for coverage tests by default.

This patch accumulates their results into 'cover' subdirectory.

Change-Id: I9c32da1ffdbb2f3104d9ecd6303f1f92fc0fcda8
7 years ago
Jenkins 38d4423bb3 Merge "Enable test coverage in and tox" 7 years ago
Kenji Ishii 8593eaf9fb Enable test coverage in and tox
About, the report of test coverage seems
not create at the moment.
Also tox for cover doesn't work well.
This patch fix it.

Change-Id: I408b4c053c4290c7a205d892c43cb7cd2bbff641
7 years ago
Shu Muto e1e124fa3e Setup JavaScript test environment
This patch setups JavaScript test environment.
- eslint
  test at local: `tox -e=eslint`
- karma
  test at local: `tox -e=karma`

Change-Id: I08675d8377214c52745ed7928bb58ec460a949b1
Implements: blueprint js-test-env
7 years ago
Bradley Jones c17cc5beb4 Initial skeleton repo
Add the basic structure for the magnum-ui repository to serve as a 
starting point for contributions. The structure is likely to change
as development progresses.

Change-Id: I5458741e2dd4c3409992315efaa60b33824b4ec8
Implements: blueprint repo-skeleton
8 years ago