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xiaojueguan be60e830ec Fix failure of installing magnum-ui plugin with devstack
Change-Id: I97fb280d2903a9e3277f5dc2fd96fd3ecde513d9
Closes-Bug: 1858392
3 years ago
Shu Muto f9fcd8ba3f Fix typo
This patch fixes typo.

Change-Id: I06752205c7947f6b8d90c17ed1fd7c94acf15555
7 years ago
Shu Muto a97a487ec6 Move enabled files
Files in "enabled" directory is not in target of "babel-django.cfg".
So panel group label in these files are not translated.

This patch moves these files and adds panel group label into
translation target.

Change-Id: Iaee01f7e1970d7beb7d166d12ceb80b807785c4a
Closes-Bug: #1586917
7 years ago
shu-mutou 8481bfb327 Fix Devstack and Magnum-ui interaction
Devstack always installs test-requirements, but we do not expect it for
Magnum UI project. Moreover, such installation started failing with
PIP versions 8.x
Change that triggered bug is Devstack change at [1].

[1] I49658ce4056c773943321270defd461bbf3e9fb9

Change-Id: I02d24d9c11988d78a59f198d2048e6861f78d83f
Closes-Bug: #1540188
7 years ago
Akihiro Motoki bd4d8ad315 Add DevStack plugin
Change-Id: I441cf8c7b308655dbfa0bc1de187ba20096bf999
7 years ago