The UI component for Magnum
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OpenStack Release Bot fede1bee32 Add Python3 yoga unit tests 2 weeks ago
add-fedora-coreos-7882a33d801371fe.yaml Add fedora-coreos distro 2 years ago
add-reno-7d46796dbf41c247.yaml Add reno for releasenotes management 5 years ago
bugfix-cluster-template-hidden-arg-38909eaa92bd8d56.yaml Add missing hidden option to cluster template 2 years ago
bugfix-set-floating_ip_enabled-default_in-cluster-template-true-ce06118f0e6064ba.yaml Default `floating_ip_enabled` to true in cluster template 3 months ago
improve-cluster-launch-dfc514b51cfa7f0e.yaml Improve cluster launch workflow 2 years ago
newton-dac21adfe6c6b8ee.yaml Add release notes for Newton 5 years ago
ocata-b08d6b024c63296b.yaml Add release notes for Ocata 5 years ago
ocata-summary-a717111a782c7a68.yaml Changes for url transition to OpenDev 2 years ago
pike-b1af664f1033a131.yaml fix typo in releasenotes 3 years ago
queens-f99244e9db54ccf3.yaml Add release notes for Queens 4 years ago
resize-actions-1436a2a0dccbd13b.yaml Add ui for resizing clusters 2 years ago
rocky-56165675d959b593.yaml Add release notes for Rocky 3 years ago
show-health-status-ff92b2fe2bfad5ae.yaml Show cluster health status 1 year ago
stein-a6adf485dbbbbd1a.yaml Add release notes for stein. 3 years ago
update-actions-02db7b9f8e5d36b6.yaml Fix typo 5 years ago
upgrade-actions-adf2f749ec0cc817.yaml Add rolling upgrade ui 2 years ago