Fix heat-container-agent by setting LC_ALL=C

At the moment, the Python locale module expects `en_US.utf8` to be
present.  More recent fedora rawhides only come with `C`, `C.utf8` and
`POSIX` locale options unlike the older rawhides. The workaround is to
build the Dockerfile with environment variable `LC_ALL` set to `C`.  See!/story/2006381#comment-141003 for a
longer description of the problem.

Change-Id: I412dd84f09dc217f2c9d974fe203c296b0710ef0
Story: 2006381
Task: 36184
Bharat Kunwar 2019-08-15 13:03:46 +00:00
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commit 06f78353f4
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@ -2,4 +2,6 @@
export LC_ALL=C
exec os-collect-config --debug