Remove --os-url usage

The token end-point --os-url argument was removed in openstackclient
with I1b9fbb96e447889a41b705324725a2ffc8ecfd9f.

The plugin should be running as admin, I think we can remove all the
authentication arguments and just let it do it's thing.

Change-Id: I9b1dbc541c9fd6c0e3a894dd3a5dd9f2011f1e2a
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Ian Wienand 2019-09-20 11:15:03 +10:00
parent 13e017a80c
commit 41768e0ae1

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@ -305,16 +305,16 @@ function magnum_register_image {
echo "Unknown image extension in $image_filename, supported extensions: tgz, img, qcow2, iso, vhd, vhdx, tar.gz, img.gz, img.bz2, vhd.gz, vhdx.gz"; false
openstack --os-url $GLANCE_SERVICE_PROTOCOL://$GLANCE_HOSTPORT --os-image-api-version 2 image set $image_name $magnum_image_property
openstack image set $image_name $magnum_image_property
#magnum_configure_flavor - set hw_rng property for flavor to address the potential entropy issue
function magnum_configure_flavor {
local magnum_flavor_property="--property hw_rng:allowed=True --property hw_rng:rate_bytes=1024 --property hw_rng:rate_period=1"
local FLAVOR_LIST=$(openstack --os-url $NOVA_SERVICE_PROTOCOL://$NOVA_HOSTPORT --os-compute-api-version 2.1 flavor list -c Name -f value)
local FLAVOR_LIST=$(openstack flavor list -c Name -f value)
for flavor in ${FLAVOR_LIST}; do
openstack --os-url $NOVA_SERVICE_PROTOCOL://$NOVA_HOSTPORT --os-compute-api-version 2.1 flavor set $flavor $magnum_flavor_property
openstack flavor set $flavor $magnum_flavor_property