bay-create does not need ctxt on the rpcapi side

The rpcapi client does not need ctxt.  the rpcapi delivery will generate
a context automatically via the RPC subsystem.

Change-Id: Iac1e8937a24db193db94cf20307fdabba408037f
Steven Dake 2015-01-04 20:38:30 -07:00
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commit 7cb3897ac5
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@ -45,8 +45,8 @@ class API(rpc_service.API):
# Bay Operations
def bay_create(self, ctxt, bay):
return self._call('bay_create', ctxt=ctxt, bay=bay)
def bay_create(self, bay):
return self._call('bay_create', bay=bay)
def bay_list(self, context, limit, marker, sort_key, sort_dir):
return objects.Bay.list(context, limit, marker, sort_key, sort_dir)