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@ -84,6 +84,21 @@ Use cases
help them build the container network, and dynamically modify the network
topology by adding or removing containers to or from the network.
Long Term Use Cases
These use cases have been identified by the community as important, but
unlikely to be tackled in short term (especially prior to incubation). We wish
to adapt to these use cases in long term, but this is not a firm project
1. Multi-region/multi-cloud support. End-user wants to deploy applications to
multiple regions/clouds, and dynamically relocate deployed applications
across different regions/clouds. In particular, they want a single service
that could help them (i) provision nodes from multiple regions/clouds, thus
running containers on top of them, and (ii) dynamically relocate containers
(e.g. through container migration) between nodes regardless of the
underlying infrastructure.
Proposed change
Add a new API service for CRUD and advanced management of containers.