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Co-Authored-By: Digambar Patil <>
Co-Authored-By: Steven Dake <>

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@ -20,11 +20,11 @@ from pecan import rest, response
import six
state_kind = ["ok", "alarm", "insufficient data"]
state_kind_enum = wtypes.Enum(str, *state_kind)
operation_kind = ('lt', 'le', 'eq', 'ne', 'ge', 'gt')
operation_kind_enum = wtypes.Enum(str, *operation_kind)
class _Base(wtypes.Base):
@ -47,7 +47,9 @@ class _Base(wtypes.Base):
if hasattr(self, k) and
getattr(self, k) != wsme.Unset)
class Query(_Base):
"""Query filter."""
# The data types supported by the query.
@ -103,19 +105,6 @@ class Query(_Base):
def _get_value_as_type(self, forced_type=None):
"""Convert metadata value to the specified data type.
This method is called during metadata query to help convert the
querying metadata to the data type specified by user. If there is no
data type given, the metadata will be parsed by ast.literal_eval to
try to do a smart converting.
NOTE (flwang) Using "_" as prefix to avoid an InvocationError raised
from wsmeext/ It's OK to call it outside the Query class.
Because the "public" side of that class is actually the outside of the
API, and the "private" side is the API implementation. The method is
only used in the API implementation, so it's OK.
:returns: metadata value converted with the specified data type.
type = forced_type or self.type
@ -153,7 +142,6 @@ class Query(_Base):
return converted_value
class Container(_Base):
container_id = wtypes.text
""" The ID of the containers."""
@ -168,35 +156,33 @@ class Container(_Base):
def sample(cls):
return cls(id=str(uuid.uuid1(),
desc='Docker Containers'))
return cls(id=str(uuid.uuid1(),
desc='Docker Containers'))
class ContainerController(rest.RestController):
@wsme_pecan.wsexpose([Container], [Query], int)
def get_all(self, q=None, limit=None):
# TODO: Returns all the containers
return {
"200": "It returns all the containers."
# TODO: Returns all the containers
response.status = 200
@wsme_pecan.wsexpose(Container, wtypes.text)
def get_one(self, container_id):
# TODO: Returns all the containers
return {
"200": "It returns all the containers."
response.status = 200
@wsme_pecan.wsexpose([Container], body=[Container])
def post(self, data):
# TODO: Create a new container
response.status = 201
@wsme_pecan.wsexpose(None, status_code=204)
def delete(self):
# TODO: DELETE the containers
response.status = 204