Fix async reserved word in python3.7

kubernetes-client has patched this [1]. To retain backwards
compatibility, we can use **kwargs to handle async/async_req arguments

[1]: b10c7b6a17

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Jake Yip 2019-02-22 16:28:58 +11:00
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commit d866fb6184
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@ -45,10 +45,10 @@ class ApiClient(api_client.ApiClient):
def call_api(self, resource_path, method,
path_params=None, query_params=None, header_params=None,
body=None, post_params=None, files=None, async=None,
response_type=None, auth_settings=None, async_req=None,
body=None, post_params=None, files=None,
response_type=None, auth_settings=None,
_return_http_data_only=None, collection_formats=None,
_preload_content=True, _request_timeout=None):
_preload_content=True, _request_timeout=None, **kwargs):
"""Makes http request (synchronous) and return the deserialized data
:param resource_path: Path to method endpoint.
@ -64,8 +64,6 @@ class ApiClient(api_client.ApiClient):
:param response: Response data type.
:param files dict: key -> filename, value -> filepath,
for `multipart/form-data`.
:param async bool: to be compatible with k8s-client before 7.0.0
:param async_req bool: execute request asynchronously
:param _return_http_data_only: response data without head status code
and headers
:param collection_formats: dict of collection formats for path, query,