5320 Commits (master)

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Zuul fa298eeab1 Merge "Add resource requests for system components" 2 months ago
Zuul fc7378b4dd Merge "Fix health status polling interval" 2 months ago
Zuul 285f91bd18 Merge "Optimize cluster list api" 2 months ago
Zuul 7b1dfaa189 Merge "Disable and stop docker when the CRI is containerd" 2 months ago
Zuul d6f28df7d9 Merge "Imported Translations from Zanata" 2 months ago
Zuul 784351af4e Merge "Fix cluster template default policy" 2 months ago
Zuul c7c62bfc40 Merge "Deploy healthcheck middleware as app instead of filter" 2 months ago
Zuul 79c7effa39 Merge "Update master for stable/xena" 2 months ago
Feilong Wang 78d1f79b63 Fix health status polling interval 1 year ago
Thomas George Hartland 04477b13f8 Add resource requests for system components 9 months ago
Zuul 5f9bfe3f3c Merge "Fix the default volume api version" 2 months ago
Zuul 15cc37ee31 Merge "Refix --registry-enabled" 2 months ago
Mohammed Naser 4888f706c8 Fix deleting clusters if stack is deleted 2 months ago
Jake Yip 679a174a0a Refix --registry-enabled 1 year ago
Takashi Kajinami 3ae0f65bbb Fix the default volume api version 2 months ago
Takashi Kajinami 0bf324278a Fix errors caused by cryptography>=35.0.0 2 months ago
vagrant 8ca92e6d70 Fix cluster template default policy 4 months ago
OpenStack Proposal Bot 8bf23e5c01 Imported Translations from Zanata 4 months ago
OpenStack Release Bot 3a0b250e63 Update master for stable/xena 4 months ago
Thomas George Hartland 476c90d700 Disable and stop docker when the CRI is containerd 7 months ago
Zuul 6951ac4fc6 Merge "Add toleration to CSI nodeplugin" 4 months ago
Zuul 75946995fd Merge "Update cluster autoscaler build for v1.22" 4 months ago
Zuul c224bb1064 Merge "[k8s] Fix CA rotate" 4 months ago
Takashi Kajinami ce217a287c Deploy healthcheck middleware as app instead of filter 5 months ago
Thomas George Hartland 6468aad3d1 Update cluster autoscaler build for v1.22 5 months ago
Bharat Kunwar 68e6c0e48d [fix] Detect virtio-scsi volumes correctly 1 year ago
Feilong Wang cdbe26c452 [k8s] Fix CA rotate 9 months ago
Bartosz Bezak 12766eaff8 Add cloud-provider flag to openstack cloud control manager 7 months ago
Takashi Kajinami 1e2c3f3ae0 Replace deprecated import of ABCs from collections 6 months ago
Takashi Kajinami 67acf2c5e9 Use Block Storage API v3 instead of API v2 6 months ago
Daniel Meyerholt d8cc88284b Fix CoreDNS 1.7.0 and above 7 months ago
Stavros Moiras 0792885a1b Optimize cluster list api 9 months ago
Bharat Kunwar ba75dce28a Ensure backward compatibility with SQLAlchemy<1.4 7 months ago
Bharat Kunwar b2e20a1143 Make code compatible with SQLAlchemy 1.4.18 7 months ago
Zuul 042d2ad144 Merge "Update traefik options" 9 months ago
Zuul bfffeca927 Merge "Revert "[K8S] Enable --use-service-account-credentials"" 9 months ago
Bharat Kunwar ec0927242e Revert "[K8S] Enable --use-service-account-credentials" 9 months ago
Zuul bc6ec3ab63 Merge "[hca] Use wallaby-stable-1 as default HCA tag" 9 months ago
Zuul c07628bca6 Merge "Support hyperkube_prefix label" 10 months ago
Zuul 4ce323f760 Merge "Add separated CA cert for etcd and front-proxy" 10 months ago
Feilong Wang 16344a5a95 Add separated CA cert for etcd and front-proxy 1 year ago
Zuul 20413d0c45 Merge "Download correct cri-containerd-cni tarball" 10 months ago
Lingxian Kong e9b4889670 [K8S] Enable --use-service-account-credentials 10 months ago
Diogo Guerra b4016783d5 Update traefik options 10 months ago
Bharat Kunwar 1de9b140f4 Download correct cri-containerd-cni tarball 10 months ago
David Fairbrother fa4a6ba707 Add toleration to CSI nodeplugin 10 months ago
Zuul 42f8c97bbf Merge "Re-factored rpc serializer" 10 months ago
Bharat Kunwar 00f8aa5d67 Fix debug logging during cluster upgrade 11 months ago
Bharat Kunwar 7be7a5a123 [hca] Use wallaby-stable-1 as default HCA tag 11 months ago
Erik Olof Gunnar Andersson b336bb34dc Re-factored rpc serializer 11 months ago