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21 Commits (267bee3a6d1975d47086b4b0a62e1e4c2c528ad6)

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coldmoment ba8ad5e37f Add a hacking rule for string interpolation at logging 5 years ago
yuanpeng 71d25456d2 Remove log translations 6 years ago
Tovin Seven 32d088b2c1 Integrate OSProfiler in Magnum 6 years ago
wangbo b462a3b8cd Support magnum-api multiple process workers 6 years ago
Hieu LE cfe5b4ed5c Centralize config option: api section 6 years ago
Hieu LE 70c803bfc1 Use werkzeug to run Magnum API with SSL 6 years ago
Eric Brown 6253f70a43 Remove bandit.yaml in favor of defaults 7 years ago
Aaron-DH db378a0ee5 Load wsgi app(api) with paste.deploy 7 years ago b9aa042293 Replace string format arguments with function parameters 7 years ago
Xi Yang 7e799929bb Replace logging with oslo_log 7 years ago
Grzegorz Grasza 2ed6b128d4 Indirection API implementation 7 years ago
Wanghua 6e22b25b11 Add guru meditation report for magnum 7 years ago
Wanghua af35cb173d Code refactor for prepare_service 7 years ago
Accela Zhao 7344fcf2a7 Fix continuation line under/over indented problems 8 years ago
Lan Qi song 17218a8011 Use oslo.log instead of oslo.incubator log module 8 years ago
Davanum Srinivas bf42ec94ef Setup for translation 8 years ago
Madhuri Kumari e05e967775 Support i18n log format for error in magnum. 8 years ago
Davanum Srinivas 17c5711c55 Remove imports from oslo namespaces 8 years ago
Steven Dake 14707dd546 Create a ReST API entrypoint 8 years ago