11 Commits (267bee3a6d1975d47086b4b0a62e1e4c2c528ad6)

Author SHA1 Message Date
bismog f553558e53 Add oslo_log command options to magnum-db-manage 4 years ago
Hieu LE 85d4c68365 Improve unit test coverage for cmd/db_manage.py 6 years ago
houming-wang e5bdfb9b49 Trival: Remove unused logging import 7 years ago
OTSUKA, Yuanying 45a2c4d1ff Unify using of migration tools 7 years ago
Lin Yang fb168ffb47 Remove hardcoded config file in error message 7 years ago
Lan Qi song 17218a8011 Use oslo.log instead of oslo.incubator log module 7 years ago
Jay Lau (Guangya Liu) 6b6d467441 Remove downgrade from existing migrations 8 years ago
Davanum Srinivas 17c5711c55 Remove imports from oslo namespaces 8 years ago
Kennan 84e73e5a9a Fix the stamp parameter in db-manage 8 years ago
Steven Dake 3a7e9fb435 Remove stray print which caused magnum-db-manage to fail 8 years ago
Steven Dake bb2546f0eb Copy Ironic's database model codebase 8 years ago