11 Commits (2fcaf363a965a4575fd3bc1c7d83e453f3ff27f0)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Jaycen Grant 729c2d0ab4 Rename Bay DB, Object, and internal usage to Cluster 6 years ago
Jaycen Grant 4a3578101c Bay to Cluster api cleanup 6 years ago
Jaycen Grant e6a71b9e6d Add microversioning support for methods 6 years ago
Rajiv Kumar 3214c6e1ee Support the OpenStack-API-Version header 6 years ago
Rajiv Kumar 899fbdd2f1 Change service name from "magnum" to "container-infra" 6 years ago
Jaycen Grant 2b3c4a0fe7 Update microversion header to include service type magnum 6 years ago
houming-wang 98875345c2 Performance: leverage dict comprehension in PEP-0274 7 years ago
houming-wang cfc01f4dc9 Fix typo error 7 years ago
OTSUKA, Yuanying 75d489323e Remove major version checking 7 years ago
yuntongjin 9e03afa242 Add support for API microversions 7 years ago
Steven Dake e68f763b95 Add versioned object dependency modules 8 years ago