13 Commits (3ef17a8cfd44f75dc2b4edb39bc72e5d6c0b835b)

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Motohiro OTSUKA 3ef17a8cfd Modify gitignore to ignore cover 7 years ago
Jenkins 94f3ede485 Merge "Do not say we support py3" 7 years ago
Abhishek Chanda 3a10d159e2 Do not say we support py3 7 years ago
Steven Dake 62bfbf6045 Add Keystone authentication to rest API 7 years ago
Jenkins f00ab5ae7d Merge "Replaces Solum with Magnum. Added doc string for the Magnum API." 7 years ago
digambarpatil15 eb16491c6d Replaces Solum with Magnum. 7 years ago
Steven Dake cc0a72e361 Add context base module from oslo-incubator 7 years ago
Steven Dake 14707dd546 Create a ReST API entrypoint 7 years ago
Steven Dake ab7211e94c Add H302 to the ignored hacking rules list 7 years ago
Steven Dake 290597d7ff Import oslo-incubator's logging library 7 years ago
Davanum Srinivas 640d342f9d Incorporate feedback from the Initial commit review 7 years ago
digambar 9bd22e2c77 Initial commit from github (squashed) 7 years ago
OpenStack Project Creator add7867c7f Added .gitreview 7 years ago