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Steven Dake d0fbd09874 Update README.rst
Fix a spelling error (ugh) and also change any reference of magnum-backend
to magnum-conductor.

Change-Id: Ib27d1e580543091a1e465cdcf70883df4f5f225b
2015-01-07 07:43:16 -07:00
Adrian Otto b7905c76c4 Adjusted README to add ReplicationController
Change-Id: I913ff2be4754540e6d1e1f6f267c7cb356f707e8
2015-01-06 16:54:58 +00:00
Jay Lau (Guangya Liu) 5bbfeaea6d Add BayModel to magnum README
Change-Id: Icf0f3aaf241c97e8cb38bf29aba1704bf07b17e7
2014-12-31 01:31:05 -05:00
Jay Lau (Guangya Liu) 29629bec8e Update description for magnum service
Change-Id: I596367756c93cf8b838ae6ca6cd3809d5ef315d5
2014-12-31 01:21:28 -05:00
Jay Lau cbae05b099 Add a hyper-link for quick start
Change-Id: If032a5142b57aa20178a374f764b00bc4abd0f80
2014-12-22 04:36:15 -05:00
Steven Dake 5b8036ea6f Add documentation for a developer quickstart guide
Change-Id: Idda4b0a39076e5f473cbb4182cdcba202267ab69
2014-12-10 17:36:29 -07:00
Steven Dake 39a1ed9f5a Add a node object
The node object represents either a bare metal or virtual machine node
that is provisioned with an OS to run the containers, or alternatively,
run kubernetes.

Change-Id: I9eba14232c193688347b7ec2674c83f230404ae1
2014-12-07 10:07:46 -07:00
Jay Lau a69c1dea1f Update README for magnum
1) The "Run" section is not accurate for "magnum-backend"
2) Adjust the font for "select a subcommand"

Change-Id: I4023880a925744415d90d00c42db813284c0bbc3
2014-12-01 00:40:48 -05:00
Jay Lau a4cc35ea4d Remove client installation from "Run" section
The client installation was already mentioned in "Installation"
section, there is no need to mention it again in "Run" section.

Change-Id: Ia2e0e48223e4ef8d5c60104d87902e247ddddfb2
2014-11-30 19:30:42 -05:00
Motohiro OTSUKA e21a71495c Fix README.rst code block
Example installation/run procedure was broken in README.
This fixes it.

Change-Id: I3f8823cb2a4515428ab9aeb2b8bace8880664233
2014-11-26 15:00:50 +09:00
Steven Dake aaa31eefce Add getting started guide to README.rst
Tell folks how to use the software.

Change-Id: I8c4de089f7a8a3075f660689bcc4743dfc9fc5f9
2014-11-25 13:05:07 -07:00
Steven Dake cc4f0e9a82 Update README.rst
Update README.rst with information about the architecture and links
to the ReST client.

Change-Id: Ie6fcf3e2f037e9eba545b960412718df8d0f05a8
2014-11-21 16:57:04 -07:00
digambar 9bd22e2c77 Initial commit from github (squashed)
These were the commits from github repo(s)

  84d943e Initial commit
  3d15bd1 Created the pecan project for containers for API
  b49297b Added rest functionality to the v2 apis
  227e1dd Added rest functionality to the v2 apis
  39500ae Added the base API call like POST, GET, PUT & DELETE.
  e404e94 adding wsme support to pecan
  f90f540 Added wsme support to the magnum apis
  c879329 added changes to api
  24ebc32 Fixed the bugs in the container apis
  01725ef Rename dir from containers to magnum
  1a1375a Add requirements and test-requirements
  f957e2e Add ASL2.0 license
  8f4c0ee Move tests to the proper location
  48dd100 Move setup files to proper directory
  86cc435 Fix the setup so the installation is sanitary
  b766d59 Make the installation and tox testing work
  c477236 This is a new project - start with v1 for api
  cf20cac Remove pep8 errors
  d23b325 Merge with code generated using OpenStack cookie-cutter
  b6b9f34 Ability to run pecan serve from command line

Had to update requirements.txt to get jobs working

Change-Id: I068389412d023c258bda40dfbdff5a40f2e7d175
Co-Authored-By: Digambar Patil <>
Co-Authored-By: Steven Dake <>
2014-11-18 09:23:37 -05:00